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10 Common Things You’re Bored Of On People’s Dating Profiles

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    10 Common Things You're Bored Of On People's Dating Profiles

    If you’ve ever been on a dating app for any sort of extended period of time, you’ll have noticed some patterns. You’ll receive a lot of the same messages, have a lot of the same conversations but, mainly, you’ll see a lot of the same stuff on people’s dating profiles. As much as dating advice says that you should stand out and not be afraid to be yourself, no one wants to seem too weird. Meaning you see a lot of the same. So, here are 10 common things you’re bored of on people’s dating profiles…


    1. Need a travel buddy/need travel tips to *insert a popular tourist location*

    Everyone loves travel. It’s not ground-breaking to put it on your dating profile as an interest, but it’s a fairly solid way to start a conversation. In fact, on the CLiKD dating app, Adventure and Travel is their biggest category. Nevertheless, everyone and their cousin is likely to put that they want someone to travel with or they want to check you’re into it too by asking for tips.


    1. Gym life

    I don’t know about you, but if someone puts gym life on their dating profile, I just assume that if we did date, I’d never seem them as they’ll always be in the gym. Maybe it’s an evolutionary thing? To show off that they’re strong. Or a way to find someone who is also dedicated to living in the gym. Either way, ‘Gym Life’ is usually coupled with shirtless selfies. Another dating app staple.

    Gym life is a common thing on people's dating profiles


    1. A love for pizza or tacos

    Again, saying you love food is a common one you’ll come across on people’s dating profiles. In the States, it’s a love of tacos. In the UK, more likely to see a love of pizza. Having this on your profile is a way of showing that you’re someone that they can chill with too. A love for greasy food = approachable and down to earth in the vocabulary of online dating.


    1. Gin appreciation

    It’s sophisticated, but not too boujee. Shows that you have a taste for some of the finer things in life and you’re willing to expand your horizons. A lot of people drink it and with more and more events/ pop ups dedicated to Gin, showing appreciation on your dating profile shows you keep up with the latest trends/fads.


    1. *insert height here* because apparently heights important on here

    This one tends to be a common theme on men’s profiles and, in some ways, I can’t blame them. A lot of straight women envision their perfect guy to be taller than them. Many a girl (myself included) has been on a date with a guy who is nowhere near the height they put on their profile. So, some guys just put it right in their profile, if there isn’t an option on the profile set up for it.


    1. Fake 5-star ratings from ex, Uber, mum etc.

    When you’re thinking of getting a new product, you look at reviews, right? If only there was a similar system with dating… Well, someone obviously thought the same thing and then it became a trend. People started putting jokey ‘reviews’ on their dating profile from all the possible people you’d want to hear from. Obviously, all reviews are 5 stars. Dating profiles are nothing, if not a place for true representation…

    When they put fake 5 star reviews on their dating profiles


    1. I’ve never seen Friends or GoT

    One way to try and stand out amongst the crowd, is to contradict crowd favourites. Except, so many people use it on their dating profiles now, it’s no longer niche. Turns out, there are a lot of people who didn’t watch Friends and, more so, that never got into Game of Thrones. Not as extraordinary a fact to share, it seems.


    1. Not my child

    This particular one you’ll see the most on guy’s profiles. They’ll just be some pictures of them with their niece/nephew/godchild and then, a quick reminder, that it’s not their child. So, real question. Why are their pictures on your profile?! You can always just say (if things progress between you and your match) if you want kids or not. Why try and use the mental image of you as a maybe daddy to get laid? One of life’s big mysteries, I suppose.


    1. Meyers Briggs personality test results

    As the ultimate personality test, people constantly put their results (INTJ – or whatever) on their profiles as a way to show a deeper side to them. However, this means nothing unless you know/understand the test. Plus, test results are no way to get to know someone. The results neglect the little details you discover over time.


    1. No hookups please/not looking for anything serious/sapiosexual

    You can usually tell a lot about people’s past experiences based on them putting either ‘no hookups’ or ‘not looking for anything serious’ on their dating profile. Sometimes that’s all it says… oh mysterious… Honestly though, I think the worst one is ‘sapiosexual’. I have no idea if women put this on their profiles, but men tend to. It just seems like another way of some guys saying ‘I’m a good guy.’ Sapiosexual means someone who is attracted to intelligence. Lovely in theory but, let’s be honest, no one is out in these streets swiping purely for someone’s intelligence.

    So, there you have it. 10 common things you’re bored of on people’s dating profiles. It can be a struggle to really get an idea of what someone is like when they’re all saying the same stuff on their profile. However, if you want to try an app that really does help you stand out, check out CLiKD. If you can’t think of ways to shine in your bio, the 3 questions you pick for people to answer before you match can shine for you. Plus, you can create your own too. Let your personality really come through!

    Jordan Enaboifo

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