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10 Dating Commandments I Wish Men Would Seriously Follow

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    Emily Hill, former dating columnist for the Sunday Times’ Style Magazine gave us her dating commandments for men to follow when trying to seriously meet someone on a dating app. Check out her views below;

    This August marks three years since Vanity Fair declared that the ‘dating apocalypse’ had hit America. The theory was that ‘swipe apps’ had annihilated romance and replaced it with ‘hook up culture.’ Whereby libidinous young millennials would meet for meaningless sex and move on with bewildering speed. Ever since all we long-term single ladies have traded grim and grimmer stories about the men we have met through swiping right.

    My experience has been so bad I’m pioneering the theory that dating apps have done to love what the machines did to humanity in the Doomsday scenario from Terminator II. Currently, I’m promoting my first book – twenty darkly comic tales about single ladies entitled Bad Romance (what else?) and every time I repeat this line in an interview, I get a big laugh. However, the sad thing is, I really do believe it is true. Apocalypse or no apocalypse, if you’re a woman looking for love? Things are pretty dire. So, if you’re on CLiKD looking for ‘the one’, here are 10 dating commandments that those of us who are seriously looking for someone special would *love it* if you’d follow…


    1. Don’t be a dick.


    1. Don’t show us your dick…


    1. We’re serious – just put it away!

    (At some point, if things progress, we’ll want to see it. But just assume that, right now, we’re not here for an unscheduled anatomy lesson.)

    1. If you wouldn’t say it to our faces, don’t write it in a message.

    (For example, last year I wrote a dating column for Style magazine in the Sunday Times in which I complained relentlessly about how men behave on dating apps. Many of my readers got in touch to tell me their own horror stories.

    Looking at a laptop and screaming

    Hands down winner was a beautiful nail artist who told me that the first message (the very first!) she received from a potential date read: ‘Judging by your hair, I guess you do anal.’ There is no world in which that is OK!)

    1. Don’t ghost us.

    (If you don’t want to be in touch with us anymore, that’s completely cool – just tell us you’re off so we’re not totally bewildered…)

    1. Don’t zombie us.

    (If you’ve disappeared without telling us, don’t reappear six weeks later and expect to take it up where we left off…)

    1. Don’t breadcrumb us.

    (Google it and just don’t. It’s weird and manipulative.)

    1. Try not to flake out.

    Rihanna -

    (Obviously we are all busy people and may have to cancel at the last minute. Just don’t agree to dates that you have little to no intention of going on, OK?)

    1. Fill out your profile

    (we’re looking to go on dates with men we’re excited by – help us by telling us about yourself…)

    1. But above all don’t be a dick and don’t show it us unsolicited…

    Repeat ad infinitum….

    By Emily Hill, author of Bad Romance, out now.

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