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10 First Date Questions That’ll Tell You More Beyond Their Job

  • 10 First Date Questions That'll Tell You More Beyond Their Job

    “So, what do you do, where do you work?” By now, you’re probably well accustomed (and bored) by the run of the mill first date spiel. Sure, it’s good stuff to know. We all have our checklists of what we’re looking for and those questions are the best way to tick or cross off the basics. However, those basics only make up a small part of a person. As much as we all work, we’re more than our jobs or we should be. So, with that in mind, here are 10 first date questions that’ll tell you more beyond their job…


    • Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

    Stories are what make up people’s lives. You can tell a lot about a person by what they’re interested in and what they see in other people. If this particular story of theirs depicts someone frivolous, then that can be an indicator. Either way, sharing experiences (especially through first date questions) is a great way to bond.


    • What’s the biggest plot twist in your life so far?

    A lot of us have, probably, found that any plans we had for ourselves have changed somewhat. A lot of it is out of our control. People study one course and end up working in a completely different field. Asking about their biggest plot twist, will tell you a lot. Especially, how they deal with or handle change. An important factor, if things end up progressing long term.


    • What’s something I wouldn’t guess about you?

    It’s safe to say we all make assumptions, especially on a first date. However, people can always surprise you. This first date question is the perfect way to tease out that info, especially if they’re nervous or an introvert. Sometimes a little interest is all people need to truly open up.


    • Is there a specific book or movie that’s had a huge influence on you?

    Firstly, great way to see if they actually read (especially if that’s important to you) secondly, it’s a perfect way to see what sort of things stimulate their mind and make them think. We all need that little insight into how our dates think, right?


    • Some ‘would you rather’ questions

    Just to keep things fun and light. Side note, if you’re looking for some ideas for possible ‘would you rather’ questions, check out CLiKD where they have these questions to help users see if they’re on the same wavelength before they match. The perfect place to meet your first date!

    • What’s your favourite place on earth?

    Asking where their good place is can be a great first date question

    Whether it’s a country or just a secret, hidden place in the city, this first date question will show you where they see beauty or like to chill. Maybe you’ll discover you’re into similar adventures that you can go on together?


    • What’s the last thing you Googled?

    This could either prove to be super random or wildly insightful. Someone’s search history can tell you a lot (some, let’s be honest, will be NSFW). I think we can all admit that when we don’t know the answer to something, Google has time and time again proven to be a good bet.


    • What’s the most interesting thing you learned this week?

    Ask them what they learnt this week as a first date question

    A nice little twist on the classic first date question ‘how was your week?’ That can be met with a pretty standard ‘it was fine’ (a super British response) to a full-on monologue about how shite their week was. Either way, this question encourages them to bring out a story. Bonus, you might learn something too!


    • What’s your most useless talent?

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. You could ask what they’re good at and let them flex a little but, depending on their ego, you might never hear the end of it. Way more interesting to get to know the more random, niche sides of them. Anyone can be good in their field, if they work hard enough, but can anyone just recognise obscure actors for 90s teen sitcoms? Exactly!


    • What was your quirkiest habit that you had as a kid?

    A great way to find out a little bit about their background and also reminisce too. Who doesn’t like to remember the stress-free times of a youth (mostly) long gone? This first date question will let you see how they’ve grown and if they’ve retained that childlike wonder for the world.

    So, there you have it! 10 first date questions that’ll tell you more beyond their job. Hopefully, these questions will help you form a deeper connection and see if there’s really something there. Happy dating!


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