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10 Questions To Avoid At All Costs On A First Date

  • 10 Questions To Avoid At All Costs On A First Date

    So, you’ve got yourself a first date! Whoop whoop! We all know that getting a first date can be half the battle when dating. We’ve already helped you out a little with 19 questions to ask when online dating (hopefully, they’ll help with getting you to that first date to begin with.) Now, we’re back with 10 questions to avoid at all costs on a first date, so let’s get into it!

    Don't ask these as a first date question


    1. “Why are you still single?”

    Let’s just all agree that this question is never great to ask at any time, especially as a first date question. You’re indirectly asking what’s wrong with someone, because obviously being single means that there must have a problem. It can really and truly ruin someone’s day/mood. Plus, there’s no real way to answer it. If people knew they answer, most would’ve likely changed their dating status by now.


    1. “You’re not crazy, are you?”

    Aside from the political correctness aspect, this question says more about the person asking. Just like when someone says all their exes are crazy, they’re the common denominator. Also, how often is someone going to answer with an honest yes to that?

    Don't ask if they're crazy as a first date question


    1. “What’s your body count/number?”

    Firstly, this shouldn’t matter and it’s very intrusive. This question is only ever asked to make some sort of antiquated judgement that, in the long run, shouldn’t affect whether things progress. The past is the past for a reason, focus on the now with them.


    1. “Are you seeing other people?”

    Let’s get real. A first date is too early to be wanting someone to only be seeing you. If you’re expecting someone to go on one date with you and be exclusive, then you were born in the wrong time, sorry. People will keep their options open, respect that.


    1. “What’s your favourite sex position?”

    Same as the body count, highly invasive. Also, a sure way to never find out the answer, is to ask on a first date #facts!

    Sex positions are a huge no no for a first date question


    1. “Where are you really from?”

    On par with telling someone they look exotic (they’re not a mango mate!) asking someone where they’re really from is a subtle way of saying that they shouldn’t be here or that this isn’t their home. Who are you to be the judge of what makes up their heritage?!

    On a first date, maybe don't call someone exotic


    1. “How much do you make?”

    This question just suggests your main interest is money. Not an attractive trait. It’s also a pretty personal question, not everyone is comfortable talking about that, especially as a first date question. Aim for classy, always.


    1. “Who did you vote for in the last election?”

    Politics is always very hit and miss. You might have the same views or be polar opposites. Asking who they voted for as a first date question though? It’s a lot. Some people are open about that, others prefer to keep it private. Either way, it’s their choice.


    1. “Who’s your hot friend that was in your profile pictures?”

    Honestly, if this one isn’t self-explanatory then there’s no helping you at this point…

    Shook that anyone would ask that as a first date question


    1. Anything you shouldn’t know, that you found from a deep insta-stalk

    A lot of people have done a little ‘background’ research before their date. It’s normal to check that they’re not a serial killer etc. However, if you’ve done a deep dive all the way back to their secondary school days, don’t ask about stuff you saw during that. There is a fine line between ‘I want to make sure I’m not being catfished’ and ‘They wore a blue suit to their 2ndcousins wedding in 2016’. Be aware of the line, people!

    So, there you have it! 10 questions to avoid at all costs on a first date! By avoiding this, you might be well on your way to a second date. Nevertheless, we take no responsibility if, for whatever reason, a second date doesn’t occur! Happy dating 🙂


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