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10 Signs That You Are Dating A Fuckboy

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If you are reading this, I believe your instinct is correct. I know it can be hard to accept the fact that the seemingly perfect guy you’re dating is actually a fuckboy. I mean, he’s sweet, reliable, good looking and great in bed. So, all these good traits make it so hard for you to admit it… but it’s true. You are dating a fuckboy. (For a definition of Fuckboy, I suggest you head over to Best Dating’s Glossary). When we first start dating someone, we tend to overlook the “small things” because we are overwhelmed by all the goods. Therefore, to make your life a bit easier, these are the 10 signs that you are dating a fuckboy, after years of getting played and ghosted :).



You are welcome, girls!



1. You had a perfect first date

If he took you out for a date and it turned out to be one of your best dates ever, there is a big chance that you are dating a fuckboy. Not convinced? Dating takes practice. No one will be that good on his or her first few dates. If someone is that good at dating, they must have been on a lot. This is a big RED FLAG, because if they do not get rewarded doing that, would they keep dating?


2. He promises a lot

If he makes promises he can't keep, he may be a fuckboy

Players don’t have much time for you, therefore they’ll promise everything, just to get you into bed. In order to do so, he has to gain your trust first.

There are two ways to build trust. With time or with promises (if you are gullible…) A player doesn’t have time to build trust with you, so of course he’ll promise to lure you into thinking he’s reliable. If someone is serious and can actually walking the walk, he will be much more mindful with whatever he promises.


3. He is really smooth when pushing you towards his desired direction

Again, you can argue that verbal ability can be a gift, but it’s obvious that no one was born with a smooth flirting ability. If your date is too smooth, then it is a RED FLAG that he might be a fuckboy! This too takes practice and he can use the same pickup lines on many girls. Chances are what he told you has been said to many girls before. Take this sign seriously. It is time to consider new dates. Check CLiKD dating app. It is a great platform for new journeys.


4. He has to say “I’m not a fuckboy…”

If he has to say he's not a fuckboy, he probably is

Girls, this is the most fuckboy trait ever, if you ask me. When you ask a drunk person “Are you drunk?”, will they say yes? Of course not! Same with a fuckboy! No fuckboy will admit they are playing you because if they say so, you’ll put your guards up. Or better yet, you’ll tell him “Bye Felicia!”. Remember when your Mom asked you about something bad you did? Did you say you did it? What is more intuitive than denying things you don’t want people to know that you did?


5. He mentions sex frequently


This is a smart and efficient way to “test the waters”. Usually, not many people address sexual matters on their first date. Therefore, by mentioning sex, he wants to see your reaction towards it. If you seem to be open, he knows he can take you to bed without much effort. 


uniform dating



Chances are, you’re dating a massive fuckboy!





6. He checks his phone regularly during the dates but takes forever to respond to your messages when you aren’t physically together

Because a fuckboy also has 24 hours in a day but so many girls to talk to, the time portion for each girl will be kept to as little as possible. If he checks his phone regularly during the date, it means he is normally responsive with phone messages. However, the fact that when you are not together, he is “too busy” to reply, should be a massive RED FLAG.


7. He never brings you to meet his friends


Of course a player can think and plan ahead too. Indeed, he should always be at least one step ahead of you in order to deceive you and play the game. He doesn’t want to look bad in front of his friends for bringing a new “girlfriend” every two days. Therefore, he will try to hide you from his inner circle and tell you “It’s not the right time” or “I’ll take you to meet them when it’s more serious”.




time to ask yourself

“Am I dating a fuckboy?”




8. He has many female “friends” on his Instagram and regularly follows more

A fuckboy is constantly looking for women

A fuckboy will constantly seek new potential ‘victims’. Best way? To slide into their DMs. It’s normal to meet new female friends here and there, but it’s not normal to “meet” new female friends every week. This is a huge giveaway which is really hard to hide. Therefore, if your date does this, my advice is: RUNNNNN!!!


9. He keeps nagging for your nudes

If you are not trying to get laid, what is the point of asking for nudes after a few dates? Shouldn’t a relationship be based more on trust and understanding? If you still think it’s more likely that his sexual demand is high, ask yourself whether you want to date a guy that has no control on his sexual demand.


10. Lastly, when things get serious, he tells you he is “not ready for anything serious”

This is the second most fuckboy trait behind claiming he is not a fuckboy. If you are too busy or not ready, why did you start in the first place? It’s better to end the pain now than later, girls. If he tells you this when thing gets serious, it seems like he is ghosting you, girl!



Time to say bye to that fuckboy

If you think you are dating a fuckboy, it’s time for a change. You deserve something better than dating a fuckboy, don’t you think?


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