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10 Signs You’re Ready To Be Exclusive

  • 10 Signs You’re Ready To Be Exclusive

    Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #21

    In the stages of dating, how do you know when you want to be exclusive?

    For some, this feeling comes almost immediately. I have a friend, Sabrina, who can’t wrap her head around dating multiple guys at the same time. She prefers to date one guy at a time because, as she explains, “If I like someone, I can’t think of someone else. It’s just not how my mind works.”

    Myself, on the other hand, believe that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Or, perhaps you’re not looking for a serious relationship at that time. However, you never know when cupid’s arrow is going to strike. You might come to realize that you don’t want to date others, but just a special someone.

    Cupid has struck. You're ready to be exclusive

    If you’ve been dating and are thinking of becoming exclusive with a special someone, here are 10 signs you’re ready to be exclusive:


    1. You swipe left, more than you swipe right

    For some reason, no one is catching your eye! Probably because there’s only one person that’s always on your mind.

    Swiping left because you're ready to be exclusive


    1. You don’t feel like replying to new matches

    You scroll through new messages as if you’re still half asleep. Even the wittiest messages that usually make you chuckle, just don’t do it for you anymore.

    Tired of everyone else because you're ready to be exclusive


    1. You have no desire to play games

    Instead of being consumed with ‘should I text him first?’ you text him without second-guessing.  You are perfectly at ease and comfortable… because you know that there are no games.


    1. You stop referring to him by his nickname

    Instead of calling him ‘pre-med’ or ‘the chef’ or ‘the dj’ – he’s simply Zach. Yes, he’s moved onto first name basis!

    He/she has a name now, because you're ready to be exclusive


    1. You start thinking of the future plans

    You want to include him in your birthday plans that are three months away. You make plans that are not just ‘hey, what are you doing right now?’

    You include them in your birthday plans because you're ready to be exclusive


    1. You post pics together on social media

    When pics go up on social media, you know your friends and family will see it. You’re telling the world that you guys aren’t a temporary thing.

    Social media exclusive


    1. You introduce him to your inner circle

    When he’s met your best friend from college or a family member, that’s a good sign! PLUS when your bff aka. the world’s toughest critic has nothing bad to say, he’s in it for the long haul.

    They've met the inner circle. You're officially exclusive.


    1. Your eyes sparkle

    Whenever you talk about him, your eyes and face light up like a Christmas tree.  

    Your eyes sparkle with the excitement of being exclusive


    1. You aren’t afraid to reveal your flaws

    He knows you’re not the best omelet maker or apple peeler, but he likes you for you… and he’s sticking around to find out more.

    They're not afraid of your flaws. Signs they're ready to be exclusive


    1. You just feel secure

    For some reason, he just makes you feel secure….you just feel at ease and comfortable with him.

    You're officially exclusive!

    In summary, these signs can mean only one thing… that you want to start flying solo with this bae. Why not have a talk and see how he feels?! Chances are he feels the same…

    Happy Dating!

    Ms. Mel

    Guilia's CTA

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