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10 Tips On How To Act At A Party Your Crush Is At…

  • 10 Tips On How To Act At A Party Your Crush Is At…

    Let’s set the scene. You’ve got a little bit of a crush. There’s a party this weekend that you know they’re going to be at. You’re nervous, but ready to make your move. So, to prepare, here are 10 tips on how to act a party your crush is at…


    1. Calm down

    Yes, this crush of yours is here, but DO NOT PANIC! The more nervous you are, the more chances that you will give yourself away. Stay as friendly and passive about their presence as possible, so they won’t feel like you are too concerned about them.

    Don't panic about seeing your crush at a party


    1. Casual conversations work!

    Simple as it sounds, but a lot of people forget about this rule. There is no better way of getting the person interested in you than just chatting to them and getting to know each other. Who knows? Maybe you will barely have anything to talk about and you will lose your interest. Or, the other way around, you’ll both discover a soulmate in each other?


    1. Social smoking

    Bonus, you don’t have to be a smoker for that! Some of the most personal conversations take place over a cigarette. Also, if your crush came out for a smoke alone, it is surely one of the best ways to have a private talk.

    Social smoking is a good way to talk to your crush


    1. Party games

    Good old “truth or dare”, “never have I ever” and “ring of fire” definitely act as one of the best ice breakers! Moreover, it is a great way to get to know more about your crush, without having to ask awkward questions privately.


    1. No signs of jealousy!

    This is important, so the person maintains their interest in you. Also, you may feel like they are flirting with someone, but it really can be just an innocent chat, so do not overreact!

    Don't get jealous of your crush talking to other people


    1. Get your friends to talk to them about you

    It’s a good way to test the person, to learn the third-party opinion on the person and also raise your profile in your crush’s mind. However, be very careful with who you select for this important mission!


    1. Maybe stay conscious about alcohol levels?

    We all sometimes reveal too much under the alcoholic influence and then regret it. So, to avoid next morning disappointments, perhaps it is better to stay aware of who is mixing your drink!


    1. Don’t say anything controversial…

    …especially if you do not know the person that well yet. Some jokes that you feel are innocent can potentially make someone feel uncomfortable. It’s better to stay in the safe zone, until you have grounded your relationship.

    Don't be controversial with your crush


    1. Don’t talk politics or religion

    Goes back to the previous point. You are unlikely to end up at the party where all of the people agree on the same political and religious stances. Therefore, it’s better to avoid these troublesome topics that can spark an unnecessary argument.


    1. Play hard to get – make them jel

    While getting jealous yourself is not a good idea, playing a bit of a game to show that your attention is not only focused on this specific person is a good tactic. They might feel like they have to give you more attention and thus start engaging with you more.

    Play hard to get, play the game to get your crush

    So, there you have it! 10 tips on how to act a party your crush is at. Well, what are you waiting for? All that’s left for you to do is a pick an outfit. Get out there and put things in motion!

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