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15 Hidden Emoji Meanings For Online Dating

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Meet/Eat/Love (MEL) #22

Brevity is key when texting and emojis are literally replacing entire words, even full thoughts and sentences.

How far have we come since the days of William Shakespeare from poetically crafted sentences to acronyms? Now, we use emojis to express ourselves?

Well, THIS far:

Explaining language evolution

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Fast forward to 2019. Emojis’ popularity has only increased, with new emojis being released regularly.

When you use emojis in the online dating world, well, that’s when double and hidden meanings bring emojis to another level….



#Truestory: A guy I am currently dating

sent me an avocado emoji.

This was a new one for me.



Did he mean that he wants to meet for brunch tomorrow? Does he mean that he wants to be healthy? Did he send it by accident? Is this a dating emoji?

Help Me understand these emojis


Immediately, I texted my friends and, of course, Googled. You might say “why didn’t you just ask him directly?” Let’s just say, sometimes, I’m too stubborn for my own good.

Anyways, Google turned up an interesting search result:



The word avocado is derived from

the Aztec word for testicles.



A-ha! Now it makes a bit more sense, given the context of what he had texted earlier (I’ll save the details for later lol).

Don’t get stuck in my situation. In case you need a handy guide or a refresher on hidden emoji meanings for online dating, I’ve compiled a list below. But, before going deep into the meaning of emojis, I suggest checking CLiKD Dating for a higher chance of meeting with dates with common interests, i.e. common emojis :).



Starting with the obvious…

and keeping it somewhat PG-rated





tinder emoji meanings: eggplant and banana
Looks like: 
eggplant or banana

Use when: referring to a guy’s package




peach emoji

Looks like: peach

Use when: referring to bums





taco and cookie emojis

Looks like: taco or cookie

Use when: referring to a girl’s privates



fire emoji 

Looks like: fire

Use when: referring to the phrase “damn you’re hot!”



cherries emoji 

Looks like: cherries

Use when: referring to a girl’s bosom



winking emoji

Looks like: wink

Use when: referring to anything in a cheeky way



 tongue emoji

Looks like: tongue

Use when: referring to being thirsty for something or someone…


uniform dating 


pointing finger and ok signs   

Looks like: pointing finger + ok sign

Use when: referring to s.e.x.



ok sign

Looks like: ok sign, solo

Use when: referring to “the backdoor”




Looks like: devil

Use when: referring to being naughty




popcorn and snowflake

Looks like: popcorn and snowflake

Use when: referring to Netflix and chill




peach and phone

Looks like: peach and phone

Use when: referring to booty call



strong wind2

Looks like: strong wind

Use when: referring to a bj




water droplets2 

Looks like: sweat droplets

Use when: referring to sexual fluids



Avocado emoji meaning

Looks like: avocado

Use when: referring to testicles

Nowadays, it’s a given that what can appear like a straightforward and harmless emoji can actually have a hidden meaning. So, if you are up to speed on what these popular hidden emojis mean, you won’t get caught in an embarrassing or confusing text exchange. Otherwise, having funny dating stories are always a hit with your friends… as you guys laugh together (and not at you lol).

Happy Dating!

Ms. Mel


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