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3 Biggest Myths About Open Gay Relationships

Many people think it’s posturing, or just another way to live out the debauchery of homosexuality, as if the gays were the ones who invented sex. The big difference is that the cliché of the husband who goes to a nightclub to blow off steam is practically non-existent in gay relationships. LGBTQ relationships tend to be honest, and if this honesty has to be brutal then it usually is, and so conclusions are reached that keep everyone happy, regardless of what other people think.

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Here are the 3 biggest myths about open gay relationships:


They don’t really love each other

This is one of the most obvious lies and myths you’re sure to hear from someone who wants to prejudge a gay couple in an open relationship. The first thing someone who has no clue about the situation will tell you is that they don’t really love each other but don’t want to break up.

To begin with, each couple is a world of its own, so it is very difficult to speak on their behalf.  Not only that, but the reality also (especially when a couple lives their open relationship in a totally natural way) suggests that they don’t really care what people think.


It’s an official way of being unfaithful to your partner

Another myth borne of envy. Yes, open relationships mean that you seek new sexual experiences beyond your partner. Many see it as being unfaithful, but the reality is that infidelity is based on lying and deceit, on doing something that you had not agreed with your partner behind their back.

But what if you have discussed all this with your partner beforehand and they agree? Many people will think that “one of you probably doesn’t want to, but they agree to it because they love you”. These are very quick judgments without much reason and, even if true, it is still the decision of two adults with their own conscience.



Yes, open relationships mean that you seek new sexual experiences beyond your partner




It’s something exclusive to gays

Big fat lie. Gays take open relationships more naturally because they don’t have time for nonsense. They don’t want to bore themselves by creating worlds they don’t believe in, and they’ve been through so much in their childhood and adolescence that they’re not going to let themselves get carried away with the same stuff for the rest of their lives. Maybe that’s what differentiates LGBTQ people from heterosexuals: living in a heteronormative world, gays have had to pull their chestnuts out of the fire and always explain themselves more often than others, so now it’s time to live life by our own standards. Open straight relationships exist but gossipy people are even harder on them. After all, “we expect it from gays”.


If there is one thing the people who spread these false myths have in common, it is that they envy the freedom with which certain people live their lives. Now we are no longer talking about gay or straight couples, although many heterosexuals envy the naturalness with which LGBTQ people carry their sexuality. Fortunately, more and more straight people are also learning to live their lives naturally, where things are talked about openly and there are no doubts and confusions. If everyone followed this trend, there would surely be less judgement and more happiness and fun.




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