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3 Problems You May Face Vegan Dating And How To Solve Them

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    We all know that on a first date, deciding where to eat can be the deal breaker. Look, food is important. You can’t just eat anywhere! However, what happens when the decision about where to eat is based on more specific dietary requirements or choices? Like being allergic to nuts or abstaining from all animal by-products, aka. being a vegan. Today, we are talking about 3 problems you may face vegan dating and how to solve them…

    Don't try and butter me up. I'm a vegan.

    Problem 1: Who to date? Omnis or vegans?

    The great debate for some. Omnis vs Vegans. Will we ever live together in harmony?! As a vegan dating a non-vegan, I see it is often the case that an omni partner may see the light after dating a vegan (although, that’s not guaranteed!) When it is the case, you can double the positive impact of being a vegan, however, remember that we date in order to find romance, not as a conversion mission (no preaching, guys!) On the flipside, you may find it positive to date a fellow vegan, as you are more likely to have a lot in common already. This may end with you having a deeper connection as a result.

    There's a vegan dating connection happening right now.

    It’s certainly important to remain open minded. If you find the right partner, you’ll be able to make it work. There are others ways to make sure you have common interest, of course. Our solution? Using the CLiKD app! You answer questions that a potential match has set and if you answer two or more out of the three correctly, then you will be able to message them. This way, you know that you have some common interests and values from the very beginning. If you need to test your potential partner’s values, then there are plenty of questions in the app to do so (see below.)

    vegan question examples

    Problem 2: Where to go? (You may end up missing food out entirely)

    If you’re dating an omni, then it can be more difficult to decide where to eat on a date, compared to if you’re vegan dating with a fellow animal by-product abstainer. You may not want to force them to eat vegan food, but equally you’d like to go somewhere with reputable choices for vegans. Perhaps not a steakhouse or BBQ Grill.

    the problem with meat

    Equally, if you find the idea of your date eating a burger opposite you off-putting, then you can take advantage of all the other things London has to offer by avoiding the standard and overrated food date. Hopefully, you’ll have answered each other’s questions on the CLiKD app beforehand, so you should have plenty to talk about when you finally do decide where to go.

    Problem 3: What if it all goes well?

    Who knows, if the dates go well, you may have to develop a longer-term plan to live with a non-vegan (compromise is key, people!) As a vegan dating a non-vegan, I find there can be difficulties as a result of the lifestyle differences. Luckily, we have some tips for this also…

    Let us help you with your problem.

    A big issue with dating a non-vegan is the food. Make sure you take a good look at the menus before you go out to avoid any potential conflict. Also, as hard as it may be, try to stay quiet about your partner’s menu choices, don’t take anything personally! It’s easy to get annoyed at crass vegan jokes and the like, but sometimes they must be tolerated. Vegan dating should be a pleasure for everyone and it’s up to you to make it so!

    So, there you have it. 3 problems you may face vegan dating and how to solve them. The truth is, you should accept people for their choices or, at the very least, try and see where they’re coming from. Whether you come around to their way of thinking (or not) be open to meeting someone who might show you things outside your comfort zone. You can take that however you like! 😉

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