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3 Tips On Meeting Your Video Dating Beau Post Lockdown

  • 3 Tips On Meeting Your Video Dating Beau Post Lockdown

    I’m sure, by now, we’re all becoming more and more accustomed to video chatting than ever before. It’s become the new normal in terms of socialising at all. It’s also become an integral part of dating, whether you met pre-lockdown or started chatting during isolation. However, at some point, lockdown will be lifted and we’ll all slowly start making our way back to socialising again in person. What does that mean for your dating lives and the connections you’ve made during lockdown though? Here are 3 tips on meeting your video dating beau post lockdown…

    excited about dating post lockdown


    1. Choose a casual, fun activity to do when you meet

    Hopefully, if you and the person you’ve been virtually seeing are doing well, you’ll have already chatted about some cool things to do together when you continue dating post lockdown. The great thing about this time you’re spending talking, is you’ll have really gotten to know each other’s interests and found common ground.

    finding something you both enjoy doing when dating post lockdown

    This means you should have some great ideas of what to do together. There can be a lot of pressure about meeting someone for the first time in person, especially when all this talking gives you slightly higher expectations. When we all eventually stop being on lockdown, that in and of itself will be stressful enough. So, take it easy. Just go for something fun to allow you to be comfortable in each other’s presence!


    1. Don’t feel you have to rush into anything physical if you don’t want to

    Let’s just face this one head on. A lot of us are going to come out of lockdown super horny. Unless you’re in lockdown with a partner (lucky) this probably won’t apply to you. For the rest of us singletons, imagine all the thirsty, inappropriate messages you’ve ever gotten on Tinder. Now, double that energy by about 10,000. That’s what we all have to look forward to.

    Don't let anyone rush you into being physical when dating post lockdown

    Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that anyone should feel pressured into rushing into anything physical. Sure, it’s been a while, but both parties need to be comfortable with taking that step when dating post lockdown. Consent will always be necessary, no matter what happens in the world! If they’re pressuring you, they shouldn’t be getting it.

    1. Be honest with them

    So, you meet with your ‘virtual bae’ and find that for whatever reason you’re not a good match. Maybe you have no chemistry in real life, the conversation just isn’t flowing (although that could be nerves) or you just don’t find them attractive. Whatever the case, when dating post lockdown, being honest is key!

    Be honest if you're not interested in dating post lockdown

    You’ve now invested ‘x’ amount of time with each other. You’ve been texting, video chatting etc. for an extended period of time. Ghosting seems especially savage after all that. So, tell them if you’re not feeling it. Of course, it’ll suck but closure is important, especially in these uncertain times…

    Be nice when you're dating post lockdown

    So, there you have it! Here are 3 tips on meeting your video dating beau post lockdown. We hope that you’re all keeping safe and making strong connections that’ll last beyond our current state. If you’re looking to make new friends, as well as date, check out our ‘Community Chat & Friendship’ free upgrade on CLiKD!

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