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3 Ways Star Sign Compatibility Can Influence Your Dating Life

  • 3 Ways Star Sign Compatibility Can Influence Your Dating Life

    If you’re someone who keeps up with the daily ins and outs of current events, you may have heard all the chatter about Nasa and a potential new star sign. Now, before you panic and remove all your horoscope bookmarks from your laptop, let me offer some assurance. Nasa have not created a 13thstar sign. Astronomy and astrology are two very different things. Relax. While many may not put much serious stock into their star signs and horoscopes, the number of people showing an interest in it has definitely risen. So much so that dating apps are taking notice and making it an option to add to your profile. Is knowing if someone is a Gemini as important as knowing their height or where they went to school? Well, why can’t it be? Everyone is looking for different qualities after all. Here are 3 ways star sign compatibility can influence your dating life…

    Is star sign compatibility really important for dating?


    • It can give you insight into your partner

    Say what you will about horoscopes (anytime I’ve checked and it says something about more money, my bank account seems determined to prove it wrong) but there might be something to it. Not so much in the predicting of day to day events. After all, if you want something to happen, you can convince yourself that anything is a sign. No, in terms of the actual star signs.

    I’m by no means an astrology enthusiast, but I have to admit that the Aquarius characteristics match my personality. When I was younger, my friends and I found that star signs told us a ton about whoever we liked too. Maybe star sign compatibility shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it can give you some inkling to why your partner acts are certain way…

    • It can provide comfort

    Star sign compatibility, depending on where you look, can be brief or extremely detailed. Some sites even tell you down to the percentage how suitable you are. With all the stress of dating, whether it’s not knowing if things will work out long term or if your date will go well, sometimes some semblance of certainty is nice. It can make you feel secure, in the sense that it’s what the universe has decided.

    star sign compatibility leaves it all up to the universe

    Sure, it’s not an exact science, but if you like someone and you see that you’re compatible on paper, it gives you hope. It also can play into the idea of fate. I’m sure there are many among us that would be into the idea of having a love story that was literally written in the stars.


    • It can mean you miss out on people

    Star sign compatibility can tell you which signs you’d be best matched with. Not just for dating either, but what about all the other people you could miss out on? Sure, as an Aquarius, I could choose to go for people who are also Aquarius, Geminis or Libras (my most compatible signs) but as I said earlier, it’s not an exact science.

    Many people are in happy relationships with people who aren’t their best star sign match. In the same way that you’d be narrowing your options considerably if you only date people who have a similar upbringing to you or only date blondes, sticking to star sign compatibility could mean missing out on people who could change your life. Maybe expanding horizons could be the way forward?

    star sign compatibility can mean missing out on people

    So, there you have it! 3 ways star sign compatibility can influence your dating life. Of course, the characteristics and qualities you’re looking for in a partner are completely up to you. At the end of the day, you’re the one who will be in the relationship, so if star signs are important to you, then you do you and don’t let anyone judge!

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