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4 Ways To Rewind Your Romantic Relationship

You can rewind a movie to your favorite part, so why not try it in your relationship? All relationships go through stages, but the individual pace may not be the same. Recognizing that you and your partner are not getting along is crucial so both of you can rewind your relationship. If you have fallen into a rut, you can hit the rewind button to capture the initial excitement. Recapturing your relationship means remembering how you never wanted to be away from your partner, how they made your heart skip a beat and how your partner always brought a smile to your face.

And if you don’t feel like rewinding your relationship and would rather start from scratch, you can always download CLiKD Dating App and give it a try to meet new people. However, here are 3 key ways to rewind your relationship:



Convince your partner that they can’t live without you

You can’t wait for your partner to “realize” that they need you. You have to be the kind of person they want, while still being who you are. In many ways, it’s about falling in love over and over again. To ignite it let your ambition, passion and self-confidence shine through. One of the attitudes that often turns off a partner’s interest includes acting in a hopeless, depressed or needy way. When you are clingy and demand attention, it puts enormous pressure on your partner. You are much better being the person they want to be with, rather than simply demanding that they want to be with you. Remember what brought you together in the first place.



You can’t wait for your partner to realize that they need you




Don’t be apart

Spending time together is tried and tested advice, but if you’re trying to rewind your relationship, being together is critical to success. Often, when a relationship is in crisis, the couple thinks that time apart can help them figure out where they want to be. This is actually the worst time to separate. When a couple feels disconnected, separation actually amplifies that disconnect. To be together, a couple must be physically together, sharing space, sharing time, sharing ideas and sharing life in every way.




Get out of a rut

Breaking the routine of a relationship may require a simple physical rewind in the choices you and your partner make. Plan a date night, one where mundane topics, such as the kids’ test scores and bills you have to pay, are not the topics of conversation. If you can, escape for the weekend – just the two of you. Spend time just cuddling every night at a certain time. When a relationship has problems, it’s usually because the couple is being pulled apart by too many commitments. Time spent apart discourages making time for each other. Make time together a priority, not something “that can wait” because of too many other obligations.



Make time together a priority, not something that can wait




Relationships can be rewound. Even if your relationship is on the rocks, you can rewind it to a point where you are both happier. The key is that both of you must be willing to put in the work and effort necessary to appreciate and love your partner again. Remember to focus on yourself: what can you do to get the relationship back to where it was? You can’t change or control your partner, so if they are not willing to put in the same effort, you may have to re-evaluate the overall relationship. However, with consistent effort, it is possible to move forward.



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