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4 Best Dating Apps For Women

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    4 Best Dating Apps For Women

    One thing that can be said about dating apps for women, there are A LOT of them. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right one to facilitate your needs. Which one will be the perfect introductory platform for you and your future “this one” to meet on? We wanted to handpick some options for women, as there are other apps that cater to women out there (aside from Bumble, which definitely has its cons. A story for another time.) Anyway, here are 4 best dating apps for women

    *disclaimer: using dating apps is very much a trial and error process, it might take a few tasters to find the right one!


    1. CLiKD Dating App– The Personality Quiz One

    Research has shown that among singletons who are dating, 20%  of women are looking for dating apps that focus more on matches based on personality and 12% want apps that also host events where people can meet and mingle IRL. Well, that fits CLiKD to a T. On the personality front, users first set up a 3-question quiz, using visual either/or questions. They have a huge catalogue of questions separated by category, or you can get creative and make your own. Users have to get 2/3 on each other’s quizzes before they can match and chat, giving each other an insight into their interests.

    Futurama Positive Outlook

    On top of that, they also host events. They recently had Date Escapes, a speed dating event where matches potentially won the chance to go on a mystery weekend away together. If that’s not an innovative way to get to know someone, what is? You can register your interest here for their next one.


    1. Hinge – The One to Be Deleted

    Continuing to grow in popularity, Hinge is quickly becoming a big name, but they’re determined to offer a very different experience. Their premise? To get you off the app. While other women’s apps on the market intend for users to become addicted, Hinge aims to create deeper, lasting connections, even if it kills them (part of their first TV advertising.)

    Hinge - a dating app option for women

    With their canvas style design where you scroll to look through user’s pictures or videos, you also see (interspersed) how they’ve answered/commented on 3 questions/statements from a Hinge provided list. Everything from “I’ll know we’re the same type of weird when…” to “give me travel tips to…” To show interest, you can like/comment on one of their pictures or answers, making for a more natural interaction. Since they claim ¾ of their first dates lead to a second, it could be one of the dating apps for women to try.


    1. HER – To Meet Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer People

    A lot of the big dating apps out there cater to a mainly hetero audience and while they do have the options for other sexual orientations, the user numbers tend to be smaller. You also, sometimes, come across men suggesting they can be the one to ‘change your mind.’ Yawn. This is where HER comes in.

    Excited about dating app for queer women

    Her is the dating app for women (exclusively) and also has sections for queer events in your area and you can look for friendship too. They have in app communities and they host their own events too. Their moderators also work 24/7 to ensure user safety, safety concerns being one of the things that hold many women back from wanting to use dating apps in the first place.


    1. Ship – The One Where You and Your Friends Wingman Each Other

    One of the things that has been a stickler for a lot of women on dating apps is that they want to be in it together. Using the same apps is fine, but what about when you see someone you know one of your girlfriend’s would like? Wouldn’t it be great to just share that person’s profile with them, in-app? Well, that’s Ship comes in. Like the name suggests, if you see someone’s profile and you ship them and your friend, share it in the app chat you create with your friends.

    I ship it! Women say about their friends

    You can also have your coupled-up friends in on finding you that perfect match. There’s a ‘not single’ option, so you can be there just to help friends out. Even if you bring someone’s profile into the chat, both users must match first, before chatting. The app is brought to you by Match group and Betches (the social media giants with that Instagram account behind a ton of your favourite content!)

    So, there you have it. 4 best dating apps for women. Whether you’re looking for a platform that focusing more on personality, one that isn’t trying to keep you single for financial gain, one that caters to your sexual preferences better, or one that let’s dating be less of a lonely experience. This list has it. Now, all you have to do is try them out and see if it suits your interests/ticks your boxes!

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