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4 CLiKD Picks Of Places To Love In London

  • 4 CLiKD Picks Of Places To Love In London

    London. One of the greatest cities in the world (don’t @ me, if you disagree) for many, many reasons. Firstly, so much food from all over the world, the people and, of course, the places. The historic mixed with the contemporary, it’s all here. We want to share our favourites with you so, here are 4 CLiKD picks of places to Love in London. You’re welcome 😉

    Love in London, baby!


    • Natural History Museum

    One of the many things to love in London is definitely its museums, however the Natural History Museum is definitely up there as a favourite. Aside from all the dinosaur history (cue the Jurassic Park score) the actual architecture is stunning. In a competition, Francis Fowke (also designed the Royal Albert Hall and some bits of the V&A, gotta love his work) initially won, but passed away. So, Alfred Waterhouse took over.

    national history musuem is a place to love in London

    Photo Credit: Axiel

    You can go and enjoy the Romanesque architecture any time now and they currently have some great exhibits on such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, their Lates and they’ll soon have a Fantastic Beasts themed exhibit for all you Potterheads out there.


    • University of Greenwich

    Firstly, if there’s one thing to love in London, it’s definitely student life. Sadly, we can’t all go back to that life of discounts, but you can visit campuses and the University of Greenwich has a stunning one. On the whole, they have 3 sites, but the Greenwich one is the largest.

    university of greenwich is a place to love in London

    Photo Credit: Greenwich Student’s Union

    It comprises of three 17th century buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Aside from the architecture, there’s all that lush greenery from Greenwich Park to enjoy as well. If you don’t believe us about its beauty, check out all the films that have used it as a set such as The King’s Speech, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Les Misérables. Go live out your movie moments there!

    • Noble Street Viewing Walkway

    Beyond the Museum of London and a short walk from St Paul’s Tube Station, you’ll find a little road that embodies two worlds. Definitely something to love in London. It’s Roman City ruins meets contemporary glass office buildings. At Noble Street Viewing Walkway, you’ll be greeted by a long stretch of city wall remains dating back from the 2ndto the 19thcentury. Interesting fact, if one were to take a gander at the City of London records, they may see that this area is one of the only remaining examples of a Second World War bomb site in the city.

    Noble Street is a place to love in London

    Photo Credit: Jordan Enaboifo

    So, if history is your thing and you are especially into old Roman forts, then this is definitely a must see. For one thing, not many people know about it. For another, you’ll come away haven’t learnt something and having seen something a little different to what you’re used to in the city. Win – win! 19th century brickwork, whoop whoop!


    • Painted Hall at Old Royal Naval College

    If you’re looking for decadence or opulence to love in London, then we cordially invite you to the Painted Hall. Known as Britain’s Sistine Chapel, it has breath-taking Baroque interiors done by British artist Sir James Thornhill.

    The painted hall is a place to love in London

    Photo Credit: Secret London

    You want to talk details? It took 19 years to complete, has about 200 different figures telling a variety of stories and covers 40,00 square feet. If you want to fall in love with European history without leaving the city, this should be top of the list.

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    So, there you have it! 4 CLiKD picks of places to love in London. These are just a few of some of our favourites, but we want to hear from you guys too! Tweet us @clikdapp and tell us your favourite places to #LoveinLondon!

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