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4 Date Ideas That Build Real Connections

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    4 Date Ideas That Build Real Connections

    It’s easy to go on simple dates. That’s not nerve-racking.  To restaurants, for drinks or even to coffee shops. While it will only lead to surface-level chat. What can you do to build strong, deep, personal connections? Here are 4 date ideas that help build real, meaningful connections.

    Escape Rooms

    We’ve all heard of escape rooms. They have a reputation for being difficult to crack. The Grid has come up with a completely refreshing take on escape rooms for design my night. Which will include a  ‘cocktail infused escape room’ comprised of ‘bespoke tech and futuristic tonics.  Don’t worry you’ll have the chance to come up with a selection of your own sci-fi cocktails!

    science cocktails

    Photo Credit: Design My Night

    This escape room is perfect for those who have a love, passion and interest for all things tech, science and sci-fi. In the escape room, you will join a secret undercover operation. Where you will learn and operate Artificial Intelligence tools, drink futuristic sci-fi potions and, eventually, defeat the system for the betterment of humanity’s future.

    On arriving at Neosightwhere the event will be held, you’ll be taken to the AI corp’s HQ. As a result, you’ll scramble your brain with various puzzles and rooms, and help to scramble the system in a bid to defend humanity against the machines. It’s the perfect place to make real connections!

    Board Game Café

    Boardgame cafés are a fantastic way to interact with your date in a fun, relaxing, social atmosphere. It’s a chance to connect on a deeper level. Find out what games interest them and get to know their playful side.

    Get transported to their world and create a world of your own.  You’ll push each other’s limits and get competitive; the challenge will be to stay light-hearted.

    Board games cafe is a great date idea to make real connections

    London is full of board game cafés one including Bad Moon Cafe, which has an impressive library of over 100 board games to choose from. For an interesting double date idea, why not play a game of Monopoly, Scrabble or even a bit of classic Jenga! Just don’t kill each other…

    Art Exhibit/Gallery/Museum

    If you have a creative side, this is the perfect date idea for you. Exhibitions allow couples to build connections on a deeper level, by exploring themes which question ideas, opinions and beliefs.

    Currently, at the Wellcome Collection, there is an exhibit titled ‘Being Human’. The exhibit aims to explore four areas of what it means to be alive in these uncertain times. Exhibiting artists include Heather Dewey-Hagborg. She has created portraits using DNA found on cigarette butts, hair and chewing gum found on the streets of New York. As a result, the genetic information used has helped build extremely convincing, portraits using a 3D printer. This promises to be an intriguing exhibition.

    Being Human Exhibition

    Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Stranger Visions, 2012 – 2013, © Courtesy of the artist and Fridman Gallery

    If you or your date are looking for something that is more stimulating, the Nam June Paik exhibition at Tate Modern may be perfect for you. Born in Korea, Nam June Paik became one of the leading international lights of electronic art in the 20th century. Tate Modern is celebrating his life with an exhibition that hopes to do justice to the forward-thinking creativity of his pioneering work.

    Paint Something Together

    Are you looking for a unique experience for that first, or tenth, date? Painting together is one of the best date night ideas as you get to interact and build connections with that special someone.

    It is also important to know that you’ll both create a shared memory that will last forever. You’ll relax, laugh and get creative! Besides, studies have been conducted at Baylor University with Painting with a Twist and concluded that all couples release oxytocin when painting together. Men actually release twice as much oxytocin as their partners. There you go, painting really is healthy for your relationship!

    London is full of events that you both can join to create your masterpiece. Why not try the Painting and Prosecco Workshop by Arty Farty Retreat for their Autumn Season session. Or alternatively, join Art Sippers painting class, where you’ll be guided step by step by their resident artist. To really spice up your painting evening together, they offer you your first glass of WINE for FREE! Not to mention it will get your imaginations fired up and relax you into your creative endeavour.

    Drinking and painting to build connections

    Whatever you and your date end up doing together, just make sure you both have the same interests. Bond over common values and you’ll be sure to strengthen your relationship and build deep connections.

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