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4 Gen Z Dating Trends You’ll Have Started To Notice

  • 4 Gen Z Dating Trends You'll Have Started To Notice

    Is there anything brands want more than to understand the younger generations? First it was millennials, but now a bigger market is in town (looks like we’re going the way of the boomers, in terms of being marketed to… no! It’s too soon!) That generation, of course, is Gen Z. So non-conformist that the word generation has been shortened to Gen. Everyone wants to know about them. What they do, what they wear, how they think. Even, how they date. So, here are 4 Gen Z dating trends you’ll have started to notice…

    Gen Z dating trends include being vague about labels


    1. Long distance isn’t a huge issue

    When asked, there are a large number of Gen Z who are fans of dating apps because they introduce them to people they’d never meet otherwise. Especially if those people don’t live in their vicinity. In our digital world, this Gen Z dating trend makes sense. We all communicate so much through technology.

    Long distance dating is one of the Gen Z dating trends you'll see more of

    Whether sliding into each other’s DMs or tweeting at each other, we’re more connected than ever before. We don’t always need to be physically near someone to feel close to them. This is something that Gen Z are picking up on and running with.


    1. You’ll be in a ‘thing’, not dating or seeing each other

    I’m sure we’ve all seen countless headlines about how Gen Z don’t like labels and fully embrace their freedom. If you have, then this Gen Z dating trend will definitely make sense. Whilst this is a problem that is also true for millennials, a lot don’t know where they stand with whoever they’re dating. However, Gen Z are embracing it.

    You'll be in a 'thing' and that's one of the Gen Z dating trends

    Instead of saying you’re seeing/dating someone, they’re likely to be vaguer about their stance. It’ll just be a ‘thing’. A lot are ok with short term dating, as they’re not ready to settle down with ‘the one’. They’re just looking to grow and connect with people from all walks of life. Probably a bit of openness in thought that we could all do with.

    1. Virtual dating is normal

    Something I think we can all relate to is being low on funds at some point or the other. More and more common with the younger generations, especially Gen Z. That being said dating, as a whole, can be pretty expensive. The drinks, activities, outfits and transport all add up. To many, meeting in person is one of the biggest parts of dating. However, not always the case.

    Being broke and doing virtual dating is one of the big Gen Z dating trends

    A Gen Z dating trend that’s become quite common is virtual dating. As in considering a WhatsApp chat as a date. It sounds niche, but in a way, it does make sense. You’re still getting to know them. Texting is as much of the process as meeting up in person, right?


    1. Activism will play a huge role

    This is one of the Gen Z dating trends that is growing in popularity. It’s become more common for people to have ‘please vote’ as their dating app bios. In fact, there have been cases of men not being happy with this departure on dating apps. However, what better place to be open about what’s important to you than on a dating app?

    Activism is a big part of the Gen Z dating trends

    We’ve seen more and more that this demographic are champions of equal rights for all, the environment and holding politicians accountable. With that kind of passion, it stands to reason that they would be looking for someone to share it and accompany them to rallies. Who can fault that kind of passion? (Rhetorical question, please don’t list people. We’ll be here all day!)

    Being more open and accepting is a big part of Gen Z dating trends

    So, there you have it! 4 Gen Z dating trends you’ll have started to notice. To be honest, every generation has some similarities and it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. As long as you’re respectful of everyone’s beliefs and time, you can’t really go wrong. Happy dating Gen Z!

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