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4 Iconic Movies Showing Romantic Love In London

  • 4 Iconic Movies Showing Romantic Love In London

    Who among us doesn’t have a soft spot for a rom com? Sure, most follow the same formula, but that can be comforting. It’s even better when you’ve actually been to some of the places that the characters are having their meet cutes et al in. It just gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling. Which is why we’re listing 4 iconic movies showing romantic love in London…

    Romantic love in London is calling


    • Bend It Like Beckham

    One of the best on the list. Firstly, it showed the story of an Indian girl as the female lead! A rarity in a rom-com for international audiences, especially in the early 2000s. Secondly, she was into football. Not in a ‘pretending to get sports to impress a guy, because that’s the only circumstance for a girl to be into sports’ type of way. It was her genuine passion!

    Bend it like Beckham is a great example of romantic love in London

    This movie of romantic love in London is a perfect choice, because it shows that there is a myriad of diverse love stories to be told. This movie featured a mixed-race couple and didn’t try and hide Jess’ cultural background and that, is truly what love in London is all about. Embracing diversity!


    • About Time

    Well, time travel and time travel done well. Sold, obviously! This story of romantic love in London is hugely underrated. Reasons to watch? Well, Domhnall Gleeson is a national treasure. His chemistry with Rachel McAdams is adorable. Yes, it’s her second time playing a time traveller’s wife, but when you’ve found your niche you run with it!

    About Time is a great example of time travelling romantic love in London

    The best part of this film is that even though it has a fantastical concept, it’s still grounded in reality. Ultimately, it shows that no matter what happens, sometimes problems can’t be avoided. In fact, avoiding or erasing them all together can completely tailor the fabric of who you are. Also, you never know, you might already be on the side with the greener grass!

    • Bridget Jones

    You know we couldn’t have a list of movies showing romantic love in London without including our girl Bridget. So iconic, that we now use her name to describe our relationship status (or lack thereof) often. From her commutes to work and black cab rides (madness, who can afford that kind of lifestyle?!) you get to see a ton of the city.

    Bridget Jones is an iconic movie about romantic love in London

    You relate to her sobbing in her pjs devouring ice cream, bemoaning the latest guy in her life and her surprise at actually finding a guy who doesn’t have anything he wants to change about her. This film is always great for a little pick me up.


    • Love Actually

    A classic! (Also, clearly rom coms are what paid Hugh Grant’s rent back in the day, as he was in almost all of them…) This movie definitely shows a range of romantic love in London. They made sure of that with all the various, intersecting storylines. Is it even Christmas if you don’t watch Love Actually at least once?

    Love Actually is the ultimate Christmas movie about romantic love in London

    I think we can all agree that the ‘say it’s carol singers’ guy is absolute trash, but those two kids? Ultimate cuteness. Who doesn’t remember having a crush as a kid and being in an odd school play? I think one thing we can agree on is that none wants to hear about our current Prime Minister’s affairs of the heart…

    So, there you have it! 4 iconic movies showing romantic love in London. Maybe you’ve had your own love story in this city or you’re still waiting for one. Either way, we want to celebrate all the different kinds of love London has to offer. Whether that’s love for your friends, community or partner. So, share your stories with us in the Love in London photography competition.

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