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4 Isodating Stories That’ll Make You Smile Or Cringe

  • 4 Isodating Stories That’ll Make You Smile Or Cringe

    Ah, dating. What are we gonna do with you?! I’m sure we can all agree that even before the global pandemic we currently find ourselves in, dating had its highs and lows. While we’re all trying to find little pockets of joy during this time, mine has definitely been the hilarious (and sometimes super cute) isodating #content on social media. Honestly, if you haven’t been following the story of Jeremy Cohen, the Brooklyn photographer, and his Quarantined Cutie, then you’re missing out on a love story for the ages, my friends! In part 3 of his story, the man goes on a date in a zorb ball and still brings her flowers?! Your MCM could never! Anyway, this story got us inspired to round up some of our favs (good and bad.) So, here are 4 isodating stories that’ll make you smile or cringe…

    isodating stories are keeping us all going right now


    • The One Where He Sent Her £15 For Wine

    Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Cilla Hope in Croydon. She met a boy, before the kingdom became a no-go zone and everyone was getting their Rapunzel vibes on… Anyway, they had gone on a first date for some casual drinks before social distancing began. The date had gone well. So well, that a second was lined up (get it girl!) but then Covid-19 hit and they had to get creative. Luckily, our man was up to the task…

    isodating stories where he sends you money for wine

    Yes! This is one of the isodating stories that’ll make you smile. Cilla’s date sent her £15 by Monzo, so she could go to the corner shop to buy some wine. They then had a 3-hour video date filled with drinking games, playing Never Have I Ever and just generally getting to know each other. A little extra cuteness on top, they both made sure to buy the same bottle of Rosé, so it would be like they were actually sharing. They have a third date lined up. Safe to say, we ship!


    • The One With The Signal Issues

    For Jess (London based) and Ruth* (Cambridge based), their isodating story has not been without a few hurdles. They managed a pub first date last month… where they sat on stools a little under 2 metres apart. Back then, neither anticipated things taking a turn for the worst globally, but still. Both ladies persevered and decided to make a second date work (we definitely rate that energy!)

    when the wifi cuts on an isodate

    For their second date, the arena was set. Skype would be their wingwoman, but it turns out even self-isolating can’t stop lateness. They agreed to meet virtually at 8 and poor Jess still managed to be 15 mins late (I feel your pain, I was somehow 10 mins late to a Zoom chat the other day, how?!) The second date was definitely more intense from the start. They were both offering each other support during this time. Then, just as Jess was saying she would like a third date, Skype struck and their connection was cut! A third date hasn’t been officially set yet, but in the words of Jess, “Never again will I take for granted two stools in a pub, less than two metres apart.”

    • The One Where They Paid For Each Other’s Food Deliveries

    For Nina Sawetz, a publicist in Manchester, her first isodate could not have gone better. She now has one of the isodating stories that has already inspired many. Since they couldn’t go on their previously planned dinner date, she and her date ordered for each other from Deliveroo. The fun part? Neither had any idea what the other ordered. They opened their meals on FaceTime and it became a cute little way to see if they would be a good fit for each other!

    isodating stories that involve food deliveries

    Their story even went viral, with Deliveroo sending the two £100 in food vouchers. This is where we truly fell in love with these two, they generously decided to donate their vouchers to the staff at Salford Royal Hospital instead! Who doesn’t love a romance story featuring two people with hearts of gold?!


    • The One Where Her Date Stood Her Up

    Last, but not least, for one Twitter user @sugareebabie, she shared an isodating story that I’m sure will get to us all. She was all set for her isodate, had her FaceTime all queued up and found herself waiting. And waiting. Then waiting some more. Turns out she’d be waiting awhile, as this date was not meant to be.

    isodating stories when your date stands you up

    Not only did he stand her up, but they’d planned to have dinner on this date. So, she ended up eating alone and found that she had made way too much for one person. Honestly, definitely more of a blessing than a curse to have too much food. You keep those leftovers girl! Turns out even in a pandemic, some people still have no dating etiquette. Boo!

    isodating stories with bad behaviour? Not cool.

    So, there you have it! 4 isodating stories that’ll make you smile or cringe. Hopefully, you can all be inspired by these for your own isodates. Things to do and others to just avoid altogether. If you want more tips, check out our post on how to isodate here! Best of luck guys. Stay safe and stay social!

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