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4 Key Signs That A Man Is In Love

Signs that a man is in love include his inability to focus on anything else, being unable to see any faults in the woman he loves and withdrawing from his friends or family if they shut out the object of his affections.

The first sign that a man is in love begins with the softening of his harsh ways. Even the toughest, most alpha-male guy will soften his voice and relax his attitude toward the woman he loves. When you fall in love, you put your partner first, caring more for their feelings and reactions than for your own. A man’s natural protective instinct increases this depth of care for his loved one. The more in love a man is, the more protective he becomes.

Here are 4 key signs that a man is in love:


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He learns to consult with you about things

One of the first signs that a man is in love is the anxiety to ask his partner before committing to something. Before falling in love, if the guy wanted to go somewhere after work, he probably just said “sure” and let his girlfriend know he wouldn’t be available. A man in love asks his partner before he commits. He will ask her if it’s okay with her because, truth be told, he would rather spend time with her than with friends, so he doesn’t want to miss any opportunities or inadvertently hurt her feelings.



A man in love asks his partner before he commits



He acts with romantic intentions

A man in love enjoys the most intimate dinner. He goes out of his way to make sure it’s just the two of you. He takes the time to think about what you enjoy and how you would enjoy it. He’ll even eat at restaurants you couldn’t have paid him to try before, because he knows how much you might enjoy the cuisine there.



He calls the girl

Men and women tend to communicate on different levels. Women call just to hear the sound of a man’s voice, even for inane matters. Men usually call only when they need to receive or transmit information. However, a man in love will pick up the phone and call you, text you, email you and more. He wants to hear your voice and wants to know how you are doing.



Men usually call only when they need to receive or transmit information



He strives to better himself

A man in love takes more care in his appearance because he wants his beloved’s approval. If she doesn’t like something he’s wearing, there’s a good chance he’ll never wear it again. He is likely to lean toward wearing her favorite colors, cologne and even hairstyle that she likes best (if a preference is mentioned). He will take her criticisms and compliments about his appearance much more seriously.


Men who are in love don’t tend to be as emotionally intimate with their friends as women are, but the signs that other men will notice first about a man in love is that his gaze won’t wander around. Men in love may still admire another woman, but it is a much more abstract admiration and a less primal instinct.


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