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4 More Fun Virtual Dates To Bring The Romance Back

  • 4 More Fun Virtual Dates To Bring The Romance Back

    With all of us still in lockdown, with no sign (yet) of things easing up, the single among us are probably trying to find ways to keep things fresh on our dates. You’ve probably already checked out our post on some second video date ideas (if not, have a look here!) However, you could always use some new ones, right? We could all use a little excitement right now. Why not have some rom com worthy dates? So, here are 4 more fun virtual dates to bring the romance back…

    swooning over your virtual dates


    1. Take them on a romantic walk around your neighbourhood

    Yes, I know. We’re only allowed out once a day. However, if you don’t want to do that alone, why not invite your virtual date? Facetime them as you stroll around your hood and show them all your favourite spots.

    Take your virtual date for a walk around your neighbourhood

    It’s a great way to get some fresh air, let them get to know a bit more about you, as well as a change of environment. If you plan your walks at the same time, they can also show you their neighbourhood as well. Also, with less people out and about, you won’t have to worry too much about people eavesdropping either!


    1. Try and draw each other

    Aside from making banana bread, another popular avenue during lockdown has been taking up arts and crafts. So, for your virtual date, why not incorporate that and draw each other? You could try a ton of different styles from cubism to pop art, or just let inspiration take over.

    Drawing each other on your virtual date

    The fun thing about this date is that it gives you an excuse to stare at your date and really take in all the small details. Without feeling like a massive stalker. You can see if they have freckles, if their nose is slightly crooked or if they have different coloured flecks in their eyes. Just enjoy the view 😉

    1. Have a cocktail making night

    Who else really miss pubs and bars, raise your hand! Well, now you have the time to learn how to make all your favourite drinks and you don’t have to do it alone. For your virtual date, find out what cocktails you both like, then try and make them together!

    Learn to make cocktails together on your virtual date

    Firstly, we all need some boozy nights right now. Secondly, you’ll be learning a new skill (perfect for post lockdown parties) and you’ll be bonding with your date. It’s a nice little twist on the classic ‘going to grab a quick drink’ date. More intimate somehow.


    1. Go camping (indoors)

    Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I hate camping. It’s mainly the sleeping outside/no access to toilets and showers aspect. However, camping at home?! Sign. Me. Up. For your virtual date, you can still do all the camping staples like making s’mores.

    indoor camping is great for a virtual date

    You can even have candles for that campfire effect. You just won’t have to dig a hole somewhere whenever you need to pee. Plus, if you look outside (make sure you’re set up by a window) you’ll likely see more stars than ever before. With everyone indoors, there’s been less pollution and clearer skies. Pretty remarkable stuff!

    can also stargaze from your window on your virtual date

    So, there you have it. 4 more virtual dates to bring the romance back. We want to hear from you all though! How are you finding isodating during this time? Do you think video dates are the best or you could be exclusive with someone you met during lockdown? DM us your isodating stories and who knows, we might share them!

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