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4 More Lockdown Dating Terms You Should Know About

  • 4 More Lockdown Dating Terms You Should Know About

    With lockdown slowly easing (cafés and pubs may be opening by the end of the month) people are starting to think that they may be able to actually meet up with potential matches they’ve been chatting to. So far, we’ve seen dating adapt quickly to lockdown. From video dates, to stories of people meeting up in zorb balls, people have made love in lockdown work. That being said, a lot of dating terms and trends have been noticed, such as zumping (check out our post on zumping here). So, here are 4 more lockdown dating terms you should know about…

    yay, more lockdown dating terms


    1. Coronalingus

    coronalingus is the lockdown dating term about sexting

    Ah, now I’m sure reading ‘coronalingus’ made you cringe. Yeah, we get it. It’s not the most pleasant sounding of the lockdown dating terms we’re sharing with you, but we didn’t come up with the name, ok?! It’s essentially dirty talk during lockdown, which is the closest single people have been to getting some in lockdown. In the states, the term was inspired by an American televangelist and media mogul, Pat Robertson. He claims that oral sex could be responsible for the spread of the virus and this term was the people’s response. Hilarious.


    1. Quarantationship

    Quarantationship is a lockdown term about relationships

    This lockdown dating term is as simple as it sounds. It’s a relationship that was started during quarantine. Whether it was you hooking up with a flatmate, or getting together with someone you went on a few dates with before lockdown. Maybe it’s someone you met on a dating app or social media, but haven’t met in person yet. The point is the relationship started during this unprecedented lockdown period we’ve been in.

    1. Quaran-teams

    Quaran-teams is a lockdown dating term about couples

    This lockdown dating term is for the couples out there. The ones that seem to have taken being in isolation together in stride. A lot of celebrity couples probably fit under this umbrella. They’re all over social media, having cute date nights in, doing pub quizzes, double dates, cooking together, learning tiktok dances together. You name it. It can be a bit much for the singletons you know, maybe tone it down with the posting guys?


    1. On-nomi

    on-nomi is a lockdown dating term we can all get behind

    This lockdown dating term is from the Japanese expression ‘on-nomi’, which translates to ‘drink online’. Anyone else relate to this one… (just me? Cool, cool…) This term is all about setting up an online date and having a couple of drinks together. The only version of dates most people have been enjoying these days.

    thankfully, that's the last lockdown dating term here

    So, there you have it! 4 more lockdown dating terms you should know about. Look, we know it’s been a tough time for all of us, hopefully we’ll be able to move around more freely in the not to distant future. Till then, stick to health professional recommendations and if you have some dates set up for the easing of lockdown, check out our post here for some ideas!

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