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4 Places That Serve Food With A Side Of Relaxed Date Vibes

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    Guys, let’s get real here. Food is the ULTIMATE! We love food, you love food, so let’s get down to it. Going on a first date where you have a sit-down dinner may be frowned up these days, BUT you can always go for dinner on the following dates when you’re more comfortable. Look, we get that sitting across from a stranger who is, essentially, watching you eat can be a bit much but, after you’ve been on a few dates, it should be all good. Plus, there are plenty of places that serve food and also have other activities, so if going to a standard restaurant on a date stresses you out, then we have the cure. Here are 4 places that serve food with a side of relaxed date vibes…

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    Swingers West End

    big wheel course

    Photo Credit: Paul Winch-Furness

    Want some crazy golf to go with your meal? Well, Swingers: The Crazy Golf Club has recently opened a new branch in the West End (Oxford Street’s old BHS site, to be exact) and if you love street food, cocktails and crazy golf, then this is the date spot for you! Taking things up a notch from the City branch of Swingers, they’ve “reimagined the faded glamour of the 1920s English Riviera.”  The newest site now features;

    • The Bandstand Bar which is their all-day cocktail bar (aka. the dream)
    • The Grand Hotel Bar inspired by the palm courts of the grand hotels of Eastbourne and Torquay.
    • The Promenade (where you’ll find me and all the street food vendors)
    • The Big Wheel Course (pictured above)
    • A 10-camera photo podium (because how will you get all your angles with just one?!)
    • Plus, the best bathrooms in the West End complete with mirror balls, gold tiles and a pretty fancy love seat (which really, a fabulous toilet may be the single greatest reason I’ve heard to go somewhere.)
    small pegola

    Photo Credit: Paul Winch-Furness

    Now, the great thing about Swingers Crazy Golf is that you don’t have to play golf if you don’t want to (but why wouldn’t you want to?!) You are free to just go right in to eat and drink to your heart’s content. You can choose from Made of Dough, a pizza joint that started from a wood fired oven being pulled behind a Land Rover to festivals around the UK (highly recommend their spicy salami pizza on the Swingers menu.) There’s also Patty&Bun, the go to for great burgers and, hence, they need no introduction. Next up, Breddos Tacos whose food is influence by the roadside taquerias throughout America and Mexico, but recreated here with only the finest Britain has to offer (definitely try their popular Baja fish and masa fried chicken tacos.) Finally, there is dessert on offer from Hackney Gelato. The Italian company add an English twist to their classic Italian recipes, creating truly bespoke ice cream flavours (their Cherry Bakwell flavor is definitely the one!) So, what are you waiting for?! Run there, people!

    Address: 15 John Prince’s St, London W1G 0AB

    For more info: Check out the Swingers Crazy Golf website for more information. If you want to play a round or two, it’s better to book as they have limited walk up tickets.

    Homeslice Shoreditch

    homeslice door

    Photo Credit: Homeslice

    One word. PIZZA! Not just your average, run of the mill, Americanized pizza. We’re talking 20 inches of heaven (keep it clean guys, you know what I mean!) Essentially, you need to bring a date with you to finish the food and sharing is caring, so it’s all good. Homeslice (how great is that name for a pizza place by the way?!) began all the way back in 2011 with a mobile wood-fired oven and an event at London Fields Brewery which ended with sold out pizzas, rightfully so! If you’re not sure you’re up to a 20 incher (even shared) then you can go by the slice. You can also mix up the pizzas and go for a half and half deal (which we highly recommend, as there are so many toppings to choose from.)

    homeslice pizza

    Photo Credit: Homeslice

    The idea behind Homeslice has always been “original simplicity, the aim was to balance tradition with innovation, offering people our take on the classics alongside more unique flavour combinations.” Aside from great pizza choices such as their spiced lamb, savoy cabbage and sumac yoghurt topping (it will change your life, trust us) you can also get some great beer and wine. Now, get on that pizza ASAP!

    Address:  378, 374 Old St, London EC1V 9LT

    For more info: Check out the Homeslice website for more information. They have a limited amount of bookings, so there’s a lot of space for walk-ins. They also have branches in Fitzrovia, the City and Neal’s Yard, so feel free to branch outside of East London to try those (the Neal’s Yard site is great when the sun it out.)

    HipChips Soho


    hipchips and dip

    Photo Credit: Justin Desouza

    Guys, if you gave up crisps for Lent, then this is the place to come and indulge after. All crisp lovers welcome! Ever been to a pub, ordered some crisps and thought “why couldn’t this just be a crisps place?” Well, HipChips has thought of it and made it into a reality with their new crisps and dips café and bar in the heart of Soho. What you get is crisps made from British potatoes and you can choose from sweet or savoury dips. By sweet dip, we do mean PUDDING sweet. We’re talking chocolate mousse, campfire s’mores, PB and J, as well as passion fruit mousse. Savoury wise, you can go for veggie ceviche, baba ghanoush, katsu curry and smoky cheese fondue (always a winner.)


    Photo Credit: Justin Desouza

    They also now serve vegan friendly dips such as coconut dhal with carrot pickle dip and a vegan chocolate mousse dip for dessert, so it’s fun for all! You can get multiple dips with your chips and start a little flavour party, because one of anything edible is never enough! As well as dip, you can choose from cinnamon sugar or salt as your chip seasoning. Basically, take everything you knew about how to eat chips and throw it out the window, because this place will exceed your chip expectations. If you hurry, you may still be able to try their Easter dips; Cadbury cream egg or wild garlic. Come on, how can you say no to a cream egg?!

    Address: 49 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 6HL

    For more info: Check out the HipChips website, where you can find their menu and their flavour of the month. They also do takeaway so, if you can’t get enough there, you can always take some home to enjoy. With or without your date, that’s entirely up to you 😉

    Farmstand Covent Garden

    farmstand 1

    Photo Credit: Farmstand

    Want some casual, yet healthy food? Well then, Farmstand is where it’s at! Whether you’re after breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or drinks, they have you covered. They are what can be described as fast-casual food with 20 restaurants, cafes, pop-ups and fridges in over 20 locations in London. Farmstand pride themselves on making their own food, using simple ingredients (as well as avoiding gluten, dairy and added sugar) only sourcing from UK-based suppliers, only using compostable materials and always offering free water (whether that’s still or sparkling.) Gotta love a place that understands that water is essential and therefore should be free!

    farmstand 2

    Photo Credit: Farmstand

    Their menu is 78% vegan, 5% fish and 17% meat (no pork, guys sorry) BUT you can customise your menu from their extensive options. Additionally, their fruit, vegetables and grains are GM free. Their meats are humanely treated and avoid antibiotics. Basically, it’s a great, guilt free meal. They even have a cute little mascot, aka. their 2-year-old dog Bruno. So, count us in!

    Address: 42 Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5AJ

     For more info: Check out the Farmstand website to see their menu and find out all about their suppliers.

    Simon cowell holding up a sign that says 'fancy dinner?'

    So, there you have it! Our 4 places that serve food with a side of relaxed date vibes. Look, the best environment to eat is a chill one. Even if you don’t go to eat on a first date, if it goes well, there will be many more dates to come. So, cheers to all dates after the first that involve eating comfortably in front of your date, whoop whoop! 😉

    By Jordan Enaboifo


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