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4 Plans To Celebrate Halloween As A Couple

Halloween, also called ‘the night of the witches’ or ‘the night of the dead’, is a holiday celebrated on October 31. To celebrate that Halloween night the most typical plans are to have a costume party at home with friends. Dancing, snacks, drinks? Others go out to pubs at night in fancy dress. However, if you have a partner, are tired of always doing the same thing and are looking for something different, you have come to the perfect article. Here we propose 5 plans for you to spend a terrifyingly romantic night with your partner.


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Halloween dinner and scary movie

It is perhaps the most popular plan that we have all done at some point with friends. However, the good thing about having a partner is that it can include sex. In addition, since there are only two of you, it will be easier to agree on the movies. Another advantage of this plan is that if you are bored with the movie, you don’t have to finish watching it… On the other hand, for this plan to be a success we can’t depend only on the movie, so how about decorating the house in a terrifying way? Spider webs made with cotton, pumpkins with candles inside, food with spooky shapes? You will have a great time decorating the house!



The good thing about having a partner is that it can include sex



Go to a theme park

How about spending Halloween at an amusement park? At this time of the year, the most famous amusement parks have special Halloween shows and many other novelties. Every year they decorate the park with thousands of pumpkins and ghosts, and the hotels have prepared a few surprises that will prevent even the most sleepy people from resting. There are also shows with different levels of intensity, depending on how scary they are. The only problem is that if you go on the day of Halloween the queues to get on the rides and see the shows can be literally deadly, so we recommend you go any other day in October. The atmosphere starts in October and lasts until mid-November.




Intimate evening, sex and costumes for couples

If you are looking for a more intimate and provocative plan, how about a terrifying candlelight dinner? Decorate the house with candelabras, put red fabrics over the lamps and light some incense to set the mood. If you feel like it, you can dress up as the characters you want and do some role-play: then it will be up to you to decide if you want to include sex or not. It will be a fun and original way to break out of your routine and give a little more spark to the relationship. There are many romantic and gothic couples that you can dress up as.



If you are looking for a more provocative plan, how about a terrifying dinner?



Camping under the moon

If the weather permits, another fun and original plan is to go camping in the purest American style. Surprise your partner and pick him/her up at home with everything ready. A tent, a cooler with food and drinks for dinner, audios with scary stories. You can make a small campfire and roast marshmallows, and you can also play the stories in the background and listen to them while you enjoy a drink. In the middle of the forest everything is twice as scary!


Finally, remember that Halloween is a holiday that you can enjoy as you want so snap out of the boring routine and dare to spend a spooky night!


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