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4 Reasons Not To Text Your Ex During The Pandemic

  • 4 Reasons Not To Text Your Ex During The Pandemic

    Look, if it makes you feel any better, I’ll start by saying that psychologists have said that wanting to text your ex right now is perfectly normal. They definitely advise against it (unless you were already on a friendly terms, where you check in with each other.) Aside from that, they’re virtually slapping your hand away every time you think of texting your ex. We get it. Self-isolating is a lonely time. Who amongst us hasn’t been thinking of people from our pasts and wondering what they’re up to? We have all this free time to overthink, after all. However, this particular line of thinking is one you shouldn’t act on. So, here are 4 reasons not to text your ex during the pandemic…

    When someone should stop you texting your ex during the pandemic


    • It’s likely out of boredom

    There’s only so much Disney + and Netflix we can all binge watch. At some point, we’ve all been staring into space, wondering what to do next. What you shouldn’t do? Text your ex. No one wants to be the last resort for your entertainment. Right now, we all need positivity and to not be thinking selfishly.

    When you're bored, do not text your ex during the pandemic

    So, do not text your ex during the pandemic, especially if you don’t want to lead them. If you’re not interested, leave them alone. Simple as that. That one text can lead to all kinds of drama. From thinking it’s safe to have one hook-up etc. Just no. Boredom leads to stupidity people. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


    • You might end up unnecessarily upset if they don’t respond

    Depending on how things ended with you and your ex, response types will be varied. You could get anything from a friendly hello to a ” sorry my *insert appendage* is practicing social distancing from you.” There’s also the other option. Which is radio silence. Fun fact, silence definitely feels louder since lockdown and so will this ultimate burn.

    Do not text your ex during the pandemic, they might not reply

    If you’re not quite over your ex and are already feeling lonely, then don’t text your ex during the pandemic. If there’s no response now, it’ll feel even worse. After all, if someone isn’t responding to you in lockdown with all this free time, that speaks volumes.

    • You might find out that they’ve moved on

    Heard of the #firstpicchallenge going around with all these couples posting their first pictures together? Yeah, the last thing we all need is FOMO in the form of all these couples being cute together in lockdown (unless it’s Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.) Now, imagine that, and the couple is your ex and his new bae.

    Reasons not to text your ex during the pandemic? They might have moved on

    Can you imagine anything worse than finding out your ex is self-isolating with their new partner when they barely texted you back half the time?! Who needs that stress? Plus, all this time we have to unnecessarily compare ourselves? Yup, one of the top reasons not to text your ex during the pandemic!


    • If you’re only getting in touch now, it’s probably not meant to be

    Sad, but true. If the only time you’ve wanted to get in touch with your ex is because it seems like the world is ending, then it’s probably not meant to be. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it shouldn’t take a pandemic for you to reach out to someone if you really wanted to be with them.

    Do not text your ex during the pandemic, it's a dick move

    Good time to remind you that you guys broke up for a reason and now isn’t the time to dredge up all that drama. Cannot stress this enough. Do not text your ex during the pandemic. Make healthy choices, not just in terms of not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary. Also, the pandemic will end and you’ll still have to deal with the consequences of bringing your ex back into your life. Just saying.

    If you're thinking of texting your ex during the pandemic, just don't

    So, there you have it! 4 reasons not to text your ex during the pandemic. Yes, we’re all letting little things pass, such as (probably) exercising less, snacking incessantly and happily being not active and that’s more than ok. However, backsliding with your ex? You know you’re better than that. You can still meet new people even as you’re staying indoors. Check out CLiKD and meet people on your wavelength!

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