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4 Reasons You’ll Be Obsessed With Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

  • 4 Reasons You’ll Be Obsessed With Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

    Move over Tiger King, Too Hot to Handle is here! Look, if you’re out here trying to act like you haven’t been making substantial headway with your Netflix queue during quarantine, then you’re definitely lying. There’s no shame in it guys! We’re all bingeing like crazy at the moment and lucky for us, Netflix is here with #content. We’ve all (probably) seen Love is Blind (shout out to the Hamilton’s and the Hamilton’s only, we don’t recognise Jessica in this house.) We’re all still on the Tiger King train (we see you, Carole Baskin!)

    However, with all this free time, we need a new fix and Netflix is serving up Too Hot to Handle, a show about a bunch of hot (obviously) singles in paradise who will all be penalized (monetarily) for any sexual activities they get into on the island. Could this have come at a better time, given how sexually frustrated a lot of people are right now?! So, here are 4 reasons you’ll be obsessed with Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle



    1. You’ll want to see who breaks the rules

    Of course, with shows like this it’s all about the drama. You know you want to see who breaks the rules first and loses the cast some money. We’re all about securing the bag after all, who wouldn’t want to see how someone reacts when that bag is jeopardized. That’s where the drama of Netflix’sToo Hot to Handle is after all, seeing how much money will be left.

    watch them break the rules on too hot to handle

    When a subpar kiss can lose you money in the thousands, who would risk it? That and seeing what risqué activities they all get into. Spoiler alert!! In episode 1, we already get some blindfolded action. Intrigued? Go watch…


    1. You start rooting for some couples

    While in typical Netflix non-disclosure form fashion, we still don’t know which couples are still together. That hasn’t stopped people from shipping certain people. From the little flirtations to the slightly deeper conversations, you get sucked in to it all. Plus, the sexual tension definitely adds to it all.

    you'll ship the couples on too hot to handle

    You may even find yourself relating to them as you reminisce about your slightly younger days of liking someone and wondering if you guys should take it further. Hopefully, those memories are pleasant ones!

    1. You get to see them go through some (surprising) personal growth

    As with any show that has a cast of perfectly sculpted models, you get to see the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle evolve. Unlike a lot of other similar reality shows of this format, the goal is not to necessarily end up in a couple. This makes things pretty interesting. Especially, when you add into the mix that none of the contestants have ever gone one month without having sex…

    you'll see their personal growth on too hot to handle

    While certain cast members start by giving truly douche descriptions of themselves (looking at you Sharron) they go on (over 8 episodes) to truly surprise you. You’ll want to tune in for that!


    1. Naturally, the meme content/Twitter reactions are hilarious

    As with the release of any new show, especially on a streaming service, the audience reaction is sometimes even better than the show. For example, Netflix’s You may have given us Joe, a serial killer who really isn’t good at what he’s chosen to do (guys, he leaves his DNA all over the damn place and only an idiot wouldn’t recognise someone because they put a baseball cap on!) but the tweets about the show are hilarious and entertaining.

    the tweets about too hot to handle are hilarious

    Same with Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. From people falling in love with Kelz and professing to protect him at all costs, to being genuinely baffled that anyone would risk that much money over getting with an attractive stranger. Seriously, it’s a lot of money to risk when the alternative is to just not get some for a month. The Twitterverse has spoken!

    watch too hot to handle. period.

    So, there you have it. 4 reasons you’ll be obsessed with Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. It’s the perfect appetite teaser for the Love Island shaped hole in our lives. Who doesn’t love watching hot people struggle after all? Happy bingeing folks!

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