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4 Reasons To Watch Netflix’s Dating Around

  • 4 Reasons To Watch Netflix's Dating Around

    During lockdown, Netflix has just been the gift that keeps on giving. From Tiger King, Too Hot to Handle and just new seasons of your favourite shows. Well, they’re back at it again. They just released season 2 of Dating Around. If you haven’t heard of the show already, let me give you a little background. Each episode, a new person goes on 5 blind first dates. We see all the dates unfold and the episode ends with them meeting up with one of the people for a second date. Intrigued? Well, there are 2 seasons, 6 episodes each and the episodes are about half an hour long. So, it’s entertaining and binge-able. Need more? Here are 4 reasons to watch Netflix’s Dating Around…

    Dating Around is a dating show about blind first dates


    • It’s fun guessing who will make it to the second date

    Like all dating shows, what really keeps you engaged is seeing who makes it. With Love Island, it’s seeing who couples up and wins the money. Another Netflix hit, Love is Blind, it was seeing who actually made it to their wedding day. With Netflix’s Dating Around, it’s seeing who makes it to the second date.

    On Dating Around, it's about guessing who makes it to a second date

    You’ll find you’ll be patting yourself on the back when you guess correctly. They’ll also be times when you’re thrown for a loop. Either way, it’s interesting to see which couples actually have chemistry. It’s nice to see a show that does a good job of representing what the dating world actually looks like.


    • Season 2, Episode 2

    Wow. Where do I even begin with this one? Season 2, episode 2 of Dating Around has been a hot topic of discussion on Twitter. I, personally, was glad to not be the only one who had a lot of… feelings about it.

    Even Issa Rae was shook by season 2, episode 2 of Dating Around

    Without giving away too many spoilers, the episode features a man called Ben. The nice guy who is a college professor. Whether you find him cringe or adorable, this is can’t be missed television. Even Issa Rae says so!

    • First season is set in New York, second season is in New Orleans

    Two very great cities act as the backdrop of Dating Around. First season takes place in New York. After seeing however many rom-coms take place in New York and having them be very unrealistic, this show adds some realism to what dating in New York may actually be like.

    Dating Around is set in New York and New Orleans

    Season 2 takes place in New Orleans which, hands down, seems like one of the coolest places in the world. They have amazing food and a great music scene. I’m sure many of us have wanted to hang in the French Quarter. Plus, they do Mardi Gras as it should be done! Also, it offers some cool settings for the dates on the show.

    • It’s not all heterosexual couples

    A lot of dating shows tend to just show heterosexual couples. One of my favourite dating shows is First Dates. Mainly because it shows a range of people dating. They show people of different sexualities, races, ages and sizes. It’s a show that looks like the world around us and that makes it great. Dating Around has a similar vibe, but with more American earnestness.

    Dating Around isn't just heterosexual couples

    In season 1, they show a range of ages going on dates. In both seasons, they show heterosexual, gay, lesbian and bisexual people going on dates. They have people from different backgrounds and they really try to open up about themselves on the dates, which is always great to see.

    Dating Around is a very cute show

    So, there you have it! 4 reasons to watch Netflix’s Dating Around. With lockdown slowly easing as well, you might get some refreshers on how to go on dates in person again. Happy watching!

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