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4 Reasons To Watch Normal People If You Haven’t Already

  • 4 Reasons To Watch Normal People If You Haven’t Already

    By now, if you haven’t heard about Normal People on BBC (or Hulu, for our USA based folk) then really, what have you been doing in lockdown lately?! You have to take a break from baking banana bread at some point, guys. Anyway, people are obsessed. Aside from giving BBC some of their best viewing numbers ever, the hit show has given us all something to talk about and I don’t just mean Connell and his chain (@connellschain). Following the story of Marianne and Connell and their intense relationship over a few years, you’ll be hooked. Here are 4 reasons to watch Normal People if you haven’t already… (or rewatch it, you know you want to!)

    Watch Normal People, it's just different


    1. It’s based on a bestseller

    Normal People is based on the bestseller by Sally Rooney

    Before the series even came to screens, Normal People had a huge following and that’s all thanks to the creative mind behind it. Author, Sally Rooney. You may have heard of her other work, such as Conversation with Friends. Even if you hadn’t read the book, you’d surely recognise its cover, as it either popped up on tube journeys as commuters read. Or in your Instagram feed as a recommended read. At the moment, the novel is Number 1 on the Amazon Charts as the most sold book this week. It was also the Waterstones Fiction Book of the Month for May 2019,Winner of the Costa Novel Award 2018, longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2018, longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize 2019 and longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019. Sold yet?


    1. You’ll fall in love with the two main leads

    You'll fall in love with the two main leads in Normal People

    The chemistry between the two leads Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal) is insane. You feel as if you’re in it right there with them. You can relate to their characters for a lot of reasons. Without giving any spoilers (I hope, please don’t come for me) you may relate to Marianne not feeling like she’s enough sometimes and Connell struggling with how he feels, as well as communicating that. The structure of Normal People means you get to see the characters grow over time. Also, don’t even get me started on their accents! The two are just as adorable off screen, watching their interviews you can tell they’re great friends. You’ll be obsessed with them too.

    1. It’ll make you have all the feels

    Normal People will give you all the feels

    Look, just bring your tissues, that’s all I’m saying. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. All of it. The relationship of Marianne and Connell is… a lot (check out Twitter to see how everyone else is coping with it.) The two characters are each other’s first great love and that alone will have you thinking about your own love life. It’ll leave you reminiscing and, in some ways, watching Normal People is a bit like a cathartic experience. It’s emotional. In fact, some people prefer to watch Normal People alone as it can invoke some feels that seem to private to share. Just, be prepared folks!


    1. There’s a lot of sex

    There's a lot of sex in Normal People

    Lastly, probably another reason people may like to watch Normal People alone, there is a lot of sex. So, disclaimer for anyone who is in lockdown with family and wanted to make seeing the show a bonding experience. Maybe pick something else? Aside from making you feel emotionally, it’ll likely leave you feeling the tiniest bit horny. A side effect that you can solve somehow (depending on your lockdown circumstances 😉 Also, there is equal nudity of both Marianne and Connell. We stan a show that supports equal nudity. Plus, consent is a big part of the show and you know we love that. For some, that was the sexiest part of Normal People and we get it. So, if you’re ready to be a horny, teary eyed mess, this is your show!

    Even if you've seen Normal People, watch it again!

    So, there you have it! 4 reasons to watch Normal People if you haven’t already. I mean, even if you have, watch it again! 12 episodes, about half an hour each and you know you want to. Then when you’re done, can you tell me where I can get my own Connell’s chain? I know one of you must know…

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