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4 Relationship Goals That Aren’t Just For The Gram

  • 4 Relationship Goals That Aren't Just For The Gram

    We’ve all been there, I’m sure. Scrolling through your Instagram feed and finding yourself bombarded with more cutesy couple selfies than you could shake a stick at. Let’s be honest, after Christmas, I’m sure everyone is exhausted by all the engagement photos and the overused caption ‘from mine to yours… blah blah blah’. It can be easy to see seemingly attractive couples and decide that they have it all together and are #goals. However, looks can be deceiving and a selfie only captures one moment. So, here are 4 relationship goals that aren’t just for the gram…

    Relationship goals should go beyond instagram


    • Regular Date Nights

    Not just a photo op for your followers, regular date nights are all about reconnecting and making sure you’re making time for each other. It can be easy to become overwhelmed by life.

    Regular date nights are the ultimate relationship goal

    With work, trying to be healthy and having a balanced social life, not to mention all our other goals, it can become easy to take other things for granted. Things like your relationship being in a good place. A healthy relationship goal is to make the time and do the work to make sure that this is the case.


    • Being Able To Travel Together

    This is one that people tend to make assumptions about. Especially with Instagram, you’d assume that all couples find it so simple to travel together. However, it’s no easy feat. As much as travel is fun, finding the right travel partner is all about chemistry.

    Being able to travel together is a great relationship goal

    Just like living with someone, you learn a lot about each other in these situations. If you want to add something attainable for the two of you, have travelling together as one of your healthy relationship goals.

    • Regularly Checking In To Make Sure You Still Want The Same Things

    Whether you decide you want this to be a yearly review, or just a ‘when the moment feels right’ type of check in, it’s up to you. An important relationship goal is to make sure that your goals do line up, in terms of relationship progression.

    Have regular check ins to make sure your relationship goals are still the same

    People grow and change all the time. Do you still want the same things? Have you decided you want new things? You need to be prepared to ask the big questions about the future, as there are some things that can’t be compromised on. Children, for example. Not a decision to be pressured into.


    • Keep Flirting

    This is a good one. Firstly, flirting is fun, secondly it keeps that spark alive and shows that the attraction is still there. If there’s one thing that some of your favourite celebrity #relationshipgoals couples have, it’s probably this. Check out their Instagram comments if you don’t believe us!

    Keep flirting, the ultimate relationship goal

    The great thing about flirting with your partner is that the two of you are comfortable together, you have trust and can explore. If you want to ramp up the flirting into little games, like pretending one of you is a stranger in a bar etc. then do it! If the two of you can’t have fun together, what’s the point?!

    Being a couple that has fun together is the truest relationship goal

    So, there you have it! 4 relationship goals that aren’t just for the gram. It’s important to remember that what we see on Instagram is only one quick snapshot and we’re all guilty of curating. In fact, the couples constantly posting about how in love they are probably aren’t who you should be looking up to. The ones you rarely see pictures of, they’re the ones who are likely to be so busy enjoying their time together. Now, that’s true #relationshipgoals

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