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4 Romantic Day Trip Dates From London

  • 4 Romantic Day Trip Dates From London

    It’s that time of the year again. To some, this is the month of mandated romance… only joking. Seriously though, it’s February and it’s 10 day till Valentine’s day. It’s also the launch day of the Love in London photo and video competition (more details here) so it’s a busy month in the city all around! That being said, whether you always go all out on the 14thor treat it like any other day, it’s always nice to have some date ideas for anytime of the year. Even better if it gives you a bit of a cheeky city break! So, here are 4 romantic day trip dates from London…

    When you're excited about going on a romantic day trip date


    • Mayfield Lavender Farm

    Aside from the hypnotic colour and the gorgeous smell, this romantic day trip date is perfect for the gram. Especially if you want a romance novel shot of you running through the fields. This day trip is slightly different though, as the farm is currently closed to the public till June 2020. However, it’ll be great for a Summer trip, especially if you’re someone who plans ahead!

    Mayfield Lavender Farm

    Photo Credit – Secret London

    Along with being a beautiful place, they also run a yearly photography and video competition. Plus, they have a shop filled with all lavender everything. We’re talking aromatherapy, home fragrances, ceramic tealight burners, lavender food and so much more. That way, you too can go home with a little of that lavender soothing essence.

    More info here


    • Windsor

    The home of Legoland… and also Windsor Castle. Depending on whether you’re looking for a romantic day trip date filled with culture or one filled with whimsy, both are high points. At the castle, you can go on tours and they sometimes put on exhibitions. Of course, these are two of the main tourist attractions.


    Photo Credit – Civitatis

    There’s also St George’s Cathedral, Frogmore House and Gardens, as well as the Royal Windsor Racecourse if you want to go full British high society and head to the horses. Windsor is also filled with greenery, so if you’re looking for some picnic spots try Windsor Great Park. Perfect for a bike ride too!

    More info here

    • Oxford

    Now, I might be biased because I lived there for 3 years (Oxford Brookes Uni stans, where you at?!) but it’s a beautiful place. A university town, the campuses alone are stunning. Places to definitely go are The Ashmolean, Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library and the Bridge of Sighs.

    Radcliffe Camera

    Photo Credit – Jordan Enaboifo

    Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that it wouldn’t be a romantic day trip date to Oxford without some punting. My advice? Don’t be hungover when you do it… One last thing, if you find yourself on Cowley road, head to The Big Society for some of the best fried chicken of your life!

    More info here


    • Seven Sisters

    Ah, Eastbourne. The perfect place for a romantic day trip date, especially if you want to feel like you’re in a completely different world, without having to travel too far. Obviously, it’s all about the chalk cliffs by the English Channel. It’s definitely a sight not to miss.

    Seven Sisters Cliffs

    Photo Credit – Campsites.co.uk

    The water is a crystal blue you don’t expect to see on this side of the world and the cliffs are a perfect place to either go for a bit of a hike or just pack up a picnic and enjoy the tranquillity and atmosphere. When you decide you want to have a little frolic, head down to the shore side to chill on the pebble beach and let the waves rush over your toes!

    More info here

    Somewhere with a beach is a great idea for a romantic day trip date

    So, there you have it. 4 romantic day trip dates from London. Of course, London is a great place, but taking a break every now and then to see what else there is can only be healthy. Plus, you’ll come back appreciating London more. If you want the chance to truly show your appreciation for the city, check out the Love in London photo and video competition which opens today!

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