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4 Second Video Date Ideas To Keep The Spark Going

  • 4 Second Video Date Ideas To Keep The Spark Going

    So, let’s set the scene. You were slightly nervous about all this video dating business when lockdown was announced. You couldn’t help thinking, “will my charm be as intoxicating on the small screen with a (sometimes) dodgy wi-fi connection?!” Then, you surprised yourself by actually having an amazing first video date. The banter was there, they looked like their pictures and their room was clean?! Tick, tick and tick! Course you’re going to have a second video date (we always had faith in you, by the way!) However, you now find yourself in a tough position. Pre-pandemic, you could pick a new venue for your next date. Now, you’re slightly limited, but not defeated. Why? Well, you know we got your back! Here are 4 second video date ideas to keep the spark going…

    Blown away by the second video date ideas


    1. Virtual museum tour

    Who doesn’t love a leisurely afternoon spent taking in culture and dropping in random facts you haven’t used since school… from the luxury of your own home? That’s right! The museum community are still pulling their weight in the wingman department by offering virtual tours during this time. Technology is so wild, you guys!

    Virtual museum tours are a great second video date idea

    As a second video date idea, why not virtually hit up some museums? Google Arts & Culture have teamed up with over 2500 galleries around the world, so you can even take your date international! Some stand out places include The Met in New York, Palace of Versailles, Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Guggenheim Bilbao and The British Museum. Take your pick or do all, we got time!


    1. Try the ‘36 Questions That Lead to Love’

    If you want to take things to the next level and truly test your compatibility on your second video date, you could take a little dive into some deeper questions. Why not try asking each other ‘36 Questions That Lead To Love’ from that viral New York Times article?

    Try the 36 questions as a second video date idea

    If you’re ready for it, each set of questions is said to bring you closer and dig deeper. To end it all? They recommend staring into each other’s eyes for 2- 4 mins. Think you can both handle it? Questions range from (spoiler alert) ‘What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?’ to ‘How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?’ Get ready guys!

    1. Learn some viral dances together

    Hear me out! I’m not saying you have to download TikTok (the videos will find you, even if you’re not on the app. Let’s be honest here!) However, there is something to be said about people from all corners of the world putting their twist on the same dance and sharing it. For your second video date, why not get creative and try some of the viral dances together?

    Learn a viral dance on your second video date

    There are a lot to choose from. Also, fun way to learn about their musical tastes, see if they have rhythm and pretend you’re exercising for the day. I mean, I’m sold. Some suggestions if you’re stuck. There’s the Meg Thee Stallion ‘Savage’ dance, the Doja Cat ‘Say So’ dance and the ‘Renegade’. Those should get you started!


    1. Do a virtual bake/cook off

    First off, you won’t have to share the food you make, because you physically can’t. Joey would be proud (because he doesn’t share food, c’mon go binge-watch some Friends episodes people!) Secondly, if they’re a bad cook, they now have time to level up. What better second video date idea than a bake/cook off? That’s all anyone is doing right now, just making banana bread until Bor-Jo says go outside.

    Cook together virtually on your second video date

    All the two of you need is the same recipe and see which one comes out better (extra points for presentation, obviously.) To make it a real moment, cook the meals virtually together, as well as eating together. Delicious bonding? Sign us up!

    Saying bye on your second video date

    So, there you have it! 4 second video date ideas to keep the spark going! See? You can still have exciting dates from the comfort of your own home, while adhering to government/health professional sanctioned social protocols. All you have to do is get creative. If you need a few more things to take your date to the next level, why not get one of our isodating kits? One for you and your date, they’ll transform your video dates. Check them out here!

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