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4 Signs They’re Actually Not Ready To Date

  • 4 Signs They’re Actually Not Ready To Date

    It’s never fun when you meet someone you like, have a great time together and then they (all of a sudden) realise that they’re not ready to date. Sure, it’s usually nothing personal and you can’t do much to change their mind. However, you’ve spent all that time with them, feeling that you’re building something real and lasting. It will still hurt to feel like all that potential between the two of you is not going to amount to much. So, we can’t promise a fool proof way to prevent it, but we can offer somethings to look out for. So, here are 4 signs they’re actually not ready to date…

    • They constantly bring up their ex

    This one is a huge deal breaker for a lot of people and with good reason. A sure-fire sign that someone is not ready to date, is if they keep on mentioning their ex. For one, no one wants a constant reminder of the person who came before. It’ll lead to constant comparisons.

    If they're comparing you to their ex, they're probably not ready to date

    Whether that’s you internally mulling over whether you can match up to their ex or your date outright comparing the two of you. Needless to say, it shows that the ex is still on their mind and, possibly, in their heart. So, is there even space for someone new? Probably best to call it off and tell them, “these are signs you’re not ready to date”.

    • They keep cancelling at the last minute

    Aside from this just being an annoying trait in anyone, it could also be a sign of something bigger? Possibly that they’re not ready to date after all. They’re putting in the work to set things up, but can’t follow through? Maybe they’re just doing what they think they should to move on, but it still feels wrong to them.

    If they're constantly cancelling plans, they're probably not ready to date

    Bottom line, it’s still a massive waste of your time and is probably a sign that they’re just not ready for anything to possibly progress. Also, shows a lack of value for your time. So, tell the, buh-bye!

    • They keep playing games

    Do they keep running hot and cold? Being really open and eager, then disappearing? Maybe they keep taking a step back every time the two of you seem to be getting closer? Whatever it is (possibly a combination of these behaviours) it’s likely a sign that they aren’t ready to date. At the very least, they’re not ready to commit to anything. Maybe they’re playing the field and don’t want to be open about it.

    If they're playing mind games, they're not ready to date

    Nevertheless, if you’re ready for something lasting, you are way past the game playing stage. You want someone to lay down their cards and just be honest. The person playing games is probably not the one for that.

    • They refuse to do any PDA at all

    Sure, we get someone who prefers less PDA. The ‘completely OTT, get in your way on the tube, stops pedestrians on the street and makes everyone feel like a voyeur in a public space’ PDA is not the one. Looking at you Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes, tone it down!

    If they're not into an PDA, even the little moments, they're probably not ready to date

    However, the little moments like holding hands once in a while, sitting close to each other. I’m talking the completely PG stuff, if they refuse to do any of that then they’re likely not ready to date. Those things should evolve naturally, but if they’re not even open to it as things progress, they’re either not in a place to date or they don’t want to date you…

    You may not know why they're not ready to date, but the fact is that they don't want to

    It can be hard to decipher what someone means when they say they’re not ready to date. Do they mean in general or do they mean you specifically? I’m sure we can all relate to someone saying as much and then a few short moments later (it feels like) they’re in a relationship with someone else. You may never know which one they meant, but it’s always good to be able to spot if things are headed that way. So, keep these 4 signs they’re actually not ready to date in mind. If you’re really into them, we hope you won’t need them! Good luck out there in those streets!

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