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4 Signs You’re Just Their Rebound

  • 4 Signs You're Just Their Rebound

    Ever had a feeling that something is just not right with you and your new partner? It can be hard to put a finger on what exactly has gone wrong sometimes, but let me ask you this. Has your partner recently ended a long-term relationship and things with the two of you started quickly after? Well, this article might shed some light. Here are 4 signs you’re just their rebound…

    4 signs you're their rebound


    • They want to make their ex jealous

    If your current partner is still fixated and talking about their ex, that’s always a red flag. For one thing, it shows that their ex is still on their mind. For another, it shows a lack of regard for you and how you feel by still living in the past.

    If they're still trying to make their ex jealous, then you're probably their rebound

    If all they have to say about their ex is negative and they keep talking about how they want their ex to suffer, maybe their plan is for you to be part of the punishment? The whole ‘make your ex jealous by showing them how happy you are with the rebound’ thing. Yeah, not cool. Also, a sure sign you’re their rebound.


    • They’re rushing things

    If there’s one thing that I think has become clear with modern day dating, it is that everyone is very cautious about getting serious and exclusive. That’s one of the many ways people end up in situationships (check out our post all about it.)

    If they're rushing things, you're likely their rebound

    However, if your new beau wants things to progress at a rapid rate, you might be their distraction from past heartbreak. A sure-fire sign you’re their rebound is if they need things to be happening ASAP or they need constant milestones in your relationship immediately.

    • They’re still upset about their previous breakup

    If they’re openly still upset about their last breakup, you might want to grab your running shoes, so you can sprint off into the distance. No, only joking… kinda. Look, it’s natural that some of relationships will have shadows that linger a little longer than others.

    If they're still thinking about their ex, you're their rebound

    However, if it’s actually taking over to an obsessive degree? Could be that you’re their rebound and no one wants that. It’s 2020 people! Put yourselves first.


    • They tell you they aren’t ready for another relationship

    It can be hard to pick up on signs, especially when dating. However, every once in a while, some people are just honest. If the person you’re seeing is just upfront about how they’re not looking for anything serious since they just got out of something serious, believe them.

    If they tell you they're not ready to date, then you're likely their rebound

    They’re essentially telling you that you’re someone’s rebound… theirs. At the very least, they’re telling you they just want something casual. You can’t be mad at honesty, remember that.

    If they're honest about you being the rebound, what else can you say?

    So, there you have it! 4 signs you’re just their rebound. It can be a hard pill to swallow, but like all things, it’s better to know where you stand. If being a rebound is an issue, don’t accept it. Let’s all pledge that 2020 is the time where we’re not afraid of being honest about what we want and what we deserve. Whoop whoooop!

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