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4 Social Distancing Flirting Tips For Finally Meeting In Person

  • 4 Social Distancing Flirting Tips For Finally Meeting In Person

    Since lockdown eased a bit more on ‘Super Saturday’ last weekend, people are slowly getting back into going on IRL dates again. Of course, things aren’t completely back to normal. Places that have opened have reduced service, reduced capacity, one-way systems and forms to fill out to track and trace. Tubes require everyone aboard to wear a mask and social distancing is still in effect, with people keeping at least 1 metre between them if they can’t do 2. Touching is still ill-advised. So, what does this mean for those on dates? How do you flirt without those subtle touches? Do you even remember how to flirt since we’ve all been in lockdown? Here are 4 social distancing flirting tips for finally meeting in person…

    Flirting while social distancing


    • Make eye contact

    Eye contact is one of the social distancing flirting tips

    This is a key social distancing flirting tip, especially since so many places require people to wear masks. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, use that. Especially since your smile might be out of commission. You can have a whole conversation with just your eyes. Also, eye contact shows that you’re engaged and present. It shows you’re interested.


    • Draw attention your lips (if you’re somewhere where masks aren’t expected)

    Draw attention to your lips as a social distancing flirting tip

    If you’re in a place where you can’t where a mask (like the pub or a restaurant, since you need your mouth to consume their products) then use this as an opportunity to draw attention to your lips. This social distancing flirting tip can be done a number of ways. Maybe you can put some lip balm on during your date (with clean hands, of course) or just smile if you’re having a good time.

    • Ask them questions

    A great social distancing flirting tip is to ask questions

    Flirting is all about showing you’re interested in the other person and want whatever is happening to progress. The best way to do that is to ask them questions. I cannot stress this enough, this is one of the most important social distancing flirting tips here. If you give people an ‘in’ to talk about themselves, most will take it. Just remember, they should be asking you questions too!


    • Give compliments

    Giving compliments is another of the social distancing flirting tips

    This one is perfect for acknowledging if someone has clearly put an effort into what they choose for the date. Compliments about appearance usually go over pretty well (unless they’re vulgar somehow and you haven’t read the room.) Given that most of us have been wearing pjs and loungewear for the past few months, any effort should be commended. However, compliment them on other things as well. Their humour, how they handled a situation in a story they’re telling you. Not all compliments have to be visual based.

    These social distancing flirting tips will keep things fun and safe

    So, there you have it. 4 social distancing flirting tips for finally meeting in person. Look, we get that your social skills might be a bit rusty, but we can all relate to that. Just try not to put too much pressure on yourself and be open minded about how things go. Stay safe!

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