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4 Types of Photographers In London That You’ll Meet

  • 4 Types of Photographers In London That You'll Meet

    Anyone can take a picture and call themselves a photographer these days it seems. With smartphones that have cameras that are arguably on par with the professional equipment and more editing apps than we know what to do with, it seems that everyone thinks they have an eye for a captivating image. Whether you agree or not, there are definitely different types of photographers that we come across every day. So, here are 4 types of photographers in London that you’ll meet…

    photographers in London


    • The wannabe influencer

    We all know the one. If there’s one type of photographer that London is almost perfect for, it’s the wannabe influencer. This is the person that goes to all the foodie places, regularly keeps up with the most #instagrammable places and possibly carries a change of clothes, so they can truly stage their shots.

    One of the photographers in London you'll meet is the wannabe influencer

    Often, they may even branch out in front of the camera when they bring a trusty (likely unpaid) friend to catch all the shots of them basking in the freebies they’ve gotten as a #ad. Nevertheless, they usually have a good understanding of lights and palettes, so they could be on to something.


    • The one that only takes pictures with iPads

    Probably at concerts, or any type of event really, you’re likely to have had some of your shots blocked by a humongous screen. The iPad. Some are partial to it, others detest it and don’t consider any of the shots to be ‘real’ photography.

    The one with the iPad is one of the photographers in London that'll you meet

    Nevertheless, this photographer in London tends to be enthusiastic, if not a little bit oblivious to their surroundings and the size of their ‘camera equipment’.

    • The scenic photographer

    Never will you see these photographers in London taking portrait photographs of people. They’re all about those scenes. Their feeds are full of lush countryside, tantalising architecture, rolling hillsides and all the colours of the rainbow that show up in nature.

    The scenic photographer is one of the photographers in London you'll meet

    Each composition will make you wish you were seeing more of the world. They usually have a penchant for positioning, lighting and just finding the most beautiful places to take the most beautiful shots!


    • The professional photographer

    Ah, last but not least. The actual professional. The one who has their own equipment (or at least has worked at places where they can rent some for a discount price.) They genuinely know their shutter speed from their aperture. They can always be found with their actual camera, plus they’re well versed in which camera does what and which of the latest equipment is currently popular among their comrades.

    professional photographers in London

    These photographers in London know it all, but can be willing to teach too. If you want some tips, they’re likely your best bet. Plus, their shots are usually pretty breath-taking. They truly have the eye.

    photographers in London taking in the sights

    So, there you have it. 4 types of photographers in London that you’ll meet. If you’re into creative types, maybe you’ve dated a few or you will. If you’re into photography, check out the Love in London photography and videography campaign. It’s a great cause to raise money for Relate. They’re the leading relationships charity and the largest provider of relationship support in England and Wales. Plus, the campaign is all about celebrating visual stories of all sorts of Love in London!

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