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4 Vegan Restaurants That Will Blow Your Date Away

  • 4 Vegan Restaurants That Will Blow Your Date Away

    So, you’ve met or matched with someone and it’s going really well. Then, they casually drop it into the chat that they’re a vegan and the panic kicks in. Dietary requirements can be extremely hard to navigate on dates, but you’re in London! There’s a spot for anything and everything here. So, to celebrate Vegan Day, here are 4 vegan restaurants that will blow your date away…


    1. Temple of Seitan

    If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant that still gives you the enjoyment of a fried chicken joint, then Temple of Seitan is the place for you! Depending on whether you want to head North (Camden) or East (Hackney) you have two excellent locations to choose from. Whether you’re purely a burger person or want a fried chicken substitute, they have a ton of options.

    Photo Credit - Temple of Seitan

    Photo Credit – Temple of Seitan

    From the Temple Burger, Nashville Hot and BBQ Bacon to the Twist Wrap and Popcorn bites, Temple of Seitan offers the ultimate meat free fried chicken experience. So, check it out!

    Address: 5 Morning Ln, London E9 6NA (Hackney) or 103a Camley Street N1C 4PF (Camden)


    1. Tell Your Friends

    If you’re a Made in Chelsea fan, then you’re probably already aware that Lucy Watson of ‘why you up in my grill’ fame has opened up a vegan spot in Fulham called Tell Your Friends. Aside from her line of vegan ready meals and cookbooks, everything from the food to the beer and wine is vegan. Their premise is ‘there’s more to vegan life than salad!’ Their menu showcases just that. From the Moving Mountain hotdog, Mediterranean bowl and sticky toffee pudding served with custard and caramel, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

    When you get a whiff of the food from a vegan restaurant

    They also host a ton of events, such as bottomless prosecco every Friday and they’re currently having a vegan style Oktoberfest (finishes on 6thOctober, so hurry!) Plus, they won an award from DesignMyNight, all the endorsement you need!

    Address: 175 New King’s Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4SW

    1. Farmacy

    ‘From the sun to the soil’, Farmacy is one of those vegan restaurants that have their hand in the process of bringing you your vegan meals from the very beginning. Their flagship restaurant opened in Notting Hill in 2016 and everything they serve is plant based. No dairy, no refined sugars, no additives and no chemicals. Can’t get any healthier than that. In terms of alcohol, they offer fully organic and biodynamic wine from 12pm onwards.

    Vegan alcohol at a vegan restaurant

    If you feel like you and your date have reached the stage where you share food, why not try the mezze for two to share. It’s loaded with sweet corn, polenta fritters with coconut and cucumber raita, toasted charcoal bread, pea and tahini dip served with beetroot & sweet potato crisps. All sounds too delicious.

    Address: 74-76 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH


    1. The Feel Good Café

    If you’re looking for a more chilled out vibe in your vegan restaurant choice, then The Feel Good Café is perfect! They’ve been featured in local and national magazines and 2020 marks their Channel 4 debut, as they’ll feature on a documentary about the rise of veganism. Look out for that one! If you’re looking to head there for breakfast, they have rice and banana pancakes with a range of accompaniments such as peanut butter or Booja Booja ice cream.

    Banana pancakes are mouthwatering at the vegan restaurant

    If you’re heading there for lunch, why not try the Forest Warrior (truffles, button mushrooms and pearl barley, nom nom nom) or the Buddha Bowl which is their daily special, not to be missed! There’s also a whole array of smoothies to dive into, so get going!

    Address: Village Arcade, The, 49 Station Rd, London E4 7DA

    So, there you have it! 4 vegan restaurants that will blow your date away. There are a lot of places out there with vegan options. More people/places are embracing the choice and catering to it accordingly. So, don’t be deterred or stressed about finding a place to impress your vegan date, we gotchu!

    By J


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