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4 Ways To Talk About Current Events With Your Date

  • 4 Ways To Talk About Current Events With Your Date

    Let’s get straight into it. There’s a lot happening at the moment. Aside from us all still living through a global pandemic, we’re also seeing the Black Lives Matter movement being supported on a global level with peaceful protests all over the world. It’s leading to a long overdue acknowledgment of deep-seated issues in countries across the globe. This month is also Pride Month and many people have been doing their part to find ways to be a better ally. Moments like this can be seen as unprecedented, but also necessary. So, it stands to reason that these will be conversation topics. Question is, should you be talking about them with your dates as well? We think you should, so here are 4 ways to talk about current events with your date…

    How to talk about current events with your date


    1. Bring up the topics in a subtle way

    We know going on dates can be nerve-wracking enough as is. It can be easy to just stick to the easy chat of if they’re a Marvel or DC fan. Interesting, but that’s more small talk, right? You know, the kind of chat you’d cover when you initially match with someone or when you exchange numbers. Talking about current events with your date is when you find out how they really see the world around them and that’s great for seeing if you’re compatible.

    When talking about current events with your date, bring them up subtly

    This doesn’t mean that as soon as you get to your date (whether it’s virtual or in person) that you should state you hate Trump or Boris before the person has even had a drink. There are ways to bring up these topics subtly. Instead of asking who they usually vote for, try bringing up recent news around the topic and ask if they’ve seen it. If you want to see if your date supports Black Lives Matter, you can mention the peaceful protests and ask what they think of it.


    1. If you disagree, still be open to discuss

    I noticed recently that majority of my friends have similar views to me, but this may not always be the case with everyone you meet. What about if you talk about current events with your date and they have the exact opposite opinion as you? What do you do then?

    If you disagree when talking about current events with your date, be open to discuss

    You might find that you still think Brexit is a mistake, but your date thinks it’s the best thing to happen to Britain. Or a maybe your date has an issue with feminism and you’re a feminist. If you do find your date has opposing views, try not to dismiss them. Be open to having a conversation about it. Even if there’s no second date, it’s educational to hear views that aren’t your own. Who knows? You might offer them some insight that completely transforms their thinking. Unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

    1. Do mention causes you’re involved in or care about

    If you support any causes, share the with your date

    If you have causes that are close to your heart, share them with your date. This is the perfect way to see if your values align. For example, if you regularly run marathons to raise money for charity or you go to peaceful protests. You can find out if they’re the type to join you or if they don’t know much about the causes, but are willing to learn. This might also get them to open up about what they care about as well. Or you could find out they care about nothing. Either way, better to know now.


    1. If you find that their views are a dealbreaker, you don’t have to compromise

    Lastly, it’s important that you don’t have to feel you should compromise on your views. Talking about current events with your date might help you identify dealbreakers you didn’t even know you had. I remember a date I had who said he didn’t ‘follow the news’. Younger me wouldn’t have had an issue with that but, because he mentioned it, I now know that someone who keeps up with what’s happening in the world is a big deal to me.

    Talking about current events with your date will help you define your dealbreakers

    Put it this way. I wouldn’t expect a date to think I’d change my mind about being a feminist or believing that everyone should have equal rights no matter their race, gender or sexual identity because I met them and they didn’t believe in that. In fact, I’d be outraged at the audacity. So, why would you expect a date to change their views because they don’t align with yours? There’s need to compromise on things this important to you. Chalk it up as a dealbreaker and wish them well!

    Don't compromise your view on current events, tell them bye!

    So, there you have it. 4 ways to talk about current events with your date. It’s more important than ever to have these conversations with our friends and family, as well as anyone we’re considering having as a part of our lives. Don’t be afraid to broach these topics with dates because, let’s be honest, talking about the weather is not the way to get to know if you’re right together…

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