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5 Artists To Look Out For In 2019

  • Artists To Look Out For In 2019

    Every year in the music world starts the same: billions of people worldwide all wondering what the “next big thing” is going to be?

    ready to hear 5 artists to look out for in 2019

    Needless to say, it is a minefield. No one has the same taste in artists. No one has time to listen to everything and no one can agree on when someone has moved on from being “next big thing”.

    However, we’ve got great taste and you definitely have the time to listen to everything and we can tell you exactly when someone is a fully established artist. So, definitely listen to us above everyone else.

    In this list, we’re going to breakdown 5 acts set for big things in 2019, after somewhat establishing themselves over the past few years.


    1. Octavian

    A name you would have read a lot recently, having been named BBC’s Sound of 2019, the London based French-British rapper’s career is due to skyrocket this year. Already featured on a track with Mura Masa (the fantastic ‘Move Me’) and pictured with many of music’s biggest stars including Drake, Octavian – full name Octavian Oliver Godji – is set to make real headlines bouncing off the success of his first album ‘SPACEMAN’ in 2018.

    Photo Credit: Technique PR

    He’s a rapper from humble past, after being kicked out of home at 15, with his sights set on changing the face of UK Hip Hop with a very futuristic take on the sound.


    1. Rosalia

    Got much Flamenco Pop on your playlist? Prepare to be drowning in it. Rosalia’s – full name Rosalia Vila Tobela – breakout album ‘EL MAL QUERER’ was huge with critics. It opened a lot of ears to more Latin flavoured popular music, along with other major breakout artists of last year including Bad Bunny and J Balvin (who she has collaborated with).

    Photo Credit: Berta Pfirsich in Pitchfork

    The 25-year-old Catalonia native’s music is fun and danceable, at the same as being hugely passionate which is only helped by her singing in her mother tongue. Definitely one of the artists to watch.


    1. Billie Eilish

    An artist that sounds and feels WAY older than her young age. At just 17, Billie Eilish has taken off since breaking out at the tender age of 15. She only has one ep to her name, but boy did ‘don’t smile at me’ leave a necessity for a breakout album from her sooner rather than later (hopefully this year…). A lazy comparison to new listeners would be to compare her Lorde with both hitting fame at similar ages and owning voices that make use of a mysterious, husky dryness that is often used mask an incredible sweetness.

    Photo Credit: Billboard (Shot from when the party’s over video)

    However, LA native Billie definitely feels like a darker version of the “Royals” singer, or at least an artist that sounds like she’s seen and experienced more. Take the infamously daunting video for “when the party’s over”. Either way her latest take on the Art Pop scene is definitely going to rightfully grab the attention of a lot of popular music fans.


    1. King Princess

    Signee to Mark Ronson’s label Zelig Records, King Princess – real name Mikaela Straus – is set for huge things this year. Having been in talks for a record deal at 11 (!!!!!!) which were put to one side, she released her debut ep ‘Make My Bed’ last year which made a big splash.

    Photo Credit: Clare Gillen in DIY Mag

    Singles like ‘1950’ a beautiful pop anthem referencing the difficulties of queer love in the era mentioned. Or her most recent single ‘Pussy Is God’ show tasters of what you can hopefully expect from her in 2019. An incredible knack for songwriting at such a young age, as well as a power and ownership of her sexuality and person in her lyricism which makes it so easy to look forward to seeing her progress this year.


    1. Flohio

    Gritty, relentless and explosive, Flohio is going to make a big impact in 2019. An MC who matches clever lyricism with a fantastic ear for production, as well as effortless adaptation to different styles, the 25-year-old London based artist – real name Funmi Ohiosumah – feels so relevant to the UK Hip Hop scene at the moment.

    Photo Credit: Stefon Grant for The Fader

    Her second ep ‘Wild Yout – EP’ is the perfect intro to her sound. Whether it’s lyrics about Grenfell on the very UK sounding banger “Bands” or linking up with the German electro greats Modeselektor on “Wealth”, Flohio should be heard far and wide this year.

    enjoying the 5 artists to look out for in 2019

    So, there we have it. 5 artists that you HAVE TO check out… cause we told you so! Whether you’ll have your ears serenaded by the art pop of Billie Eilish or get your foot stomping to the gritty UK sound of Flohio, we hope you have a great start to your musical year!

    By Lucas Galley Greenwood

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