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5 Best Movies To Impress Your Film Lover Date With

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    Putting #filmlover in your bio was easy (a classic film lover move, let’s be honest.) You’ve matched with a cute girl/guy. You’ve asked them out to the movies this weekend. You’ve picked out the latest blockbuster your mates have been raving about. Sorted… but wait! Hours before the showing, your date mentions how they’re not a fan of mainstream Hollywood movies and picks apart the very title you were planning to bring them to.

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    What to do?! Don’t fret, because we’ve come up with a list of the 5 best date movies to impress your film lover date with. Thank us later.


    That Film You Saw At The Film Festival

    Everyone by now would have heard about multiple Oscar winner Shape of Water, nominee Call Me By Your Name (if you haven’t, welcome back from the rock you’ve been under) and many other films that made it to the Oscars after being screened at film festivals. Film festivals are the best way to scout out films to impress your film lover date with – they’re popular with critics, as well as the film industry AND they’re likely to be more entertaining than that 3 hour documentary showing at the arthouse cinema. Good news for you, because it means better chat than talking about the weather at every awkward pause.

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    Impress your date by putting on The Killing of a Sacred Deer, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth, The Lobster) a psychological horror that will make sure you can get nice and close to your date. Familiar faces Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman star in parental roles, dealing with a mysterious addition to their life that turns from innocent to sinister. We promise this film will be far from boring.


    That One With The Really Great Soundtrack

    If you and/or your date are more music people than film, a great way to connect your interests is watching a film together that has a banging soundtrack. With most good films, having an even better soundtrack is what makes it stand out against the sea of great films released each year.

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    Our pick? Edgar Wright’s (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) Baby Driver starring Ansel Elgort and Lily James. It’s got everything – heart-racing car chases, an adorable 80s style romance and, most importantly, an amazing score by Academy-winner Steven Price. The film syncs up heart-pumping scenes with some really great tracks. Perfect choice for anyone who can appreciate a good soundtrack.


    The One From The 80s

    No one can deny it. The 80s produced some really amazing hits, from Back To The Future to The Shining. The popularity of these films decades after their first release is a testament to their quality. There aren’t many people out there (including your date) who would say no to a classic 80s film! It’s a no-brainer genre and suitable for all ages – whether you’re revisiting your childhood or discovering films from before your time – the 80s are timeless and sure to impress any date.

    One film in particular, that is still very much part of our pop culture today is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off directed by John Hughes (Home Alone, The Breakfast Club).Very much a teen comedy rooted in fourth-wall breaks, impromptu musical numbers and a super charming lead (Matthew Broderick) the film is funny and relevant no matter what era you watch it in. Just on the comedy and charm alone, the film is sure to impress your date and, if you’re lucky and get a second, you can follow it up with an endless supply of other 80s hits.


    The Conspiracy, Social Commentary One

    Everyone loves a good conspiracy. Whether its chemtrails or the ol’ “Was 9/11 an Inside Job?!” theories, they’re great ways to make conversation that stimulates your intellectual side (providing you have one) and a way to bring up more controversial topics on a date for debate and discussion. Among the most popular are The Manchurian Candidate and Jacob’s Ladder. A great thing about films is that they can really impact society and the way we think, which is why there are so many out there that explore controversial topics in our society.

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    But one in particular that has probably impacted our culture the most is James McTeigue’s V for Vendetta. A great watch for when you’re looking for something more serious to talk about with your date. The Guy Fawkes masks are recognisable nearly everywhere for being hacktivist group Anonymous’sdisguise of choice and has also become a symbol to represent anti-government feelings. The film explores these themes thoroughly and without mercy. Told you, it’s a controversial one!


    The Hepburn One

    Let’s face it, Audrey was never going to be left off this list. So far we’ve covered award-winning, great soundtrack, 80s and conspiracy. Since you’re on a date after all, the last pick of the list will be a classic romance. Films from the Golden Age of Hollywood are the easiest and best films to watch, especially with a date. It’s not hard to appreciate a classic and you really can’t go wrong with a romance!

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    Roman Holiday stars Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in a princess-reporter dynamic. The director, William Wyler, does a great job with combining comedy with an electric romance. An easy watch for anyone who either loves Audrey or appreciates a great black-and-white Old Hollywood film, this will be sure to impress (who doesn’t love a classic Hollywood romance anyway??) You can even follow it up with some other great Hepburn hits, of which there are no shortages! (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina, My Fair Lady).

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    So that’s it. 5 best date movies that cover most genres that will be sure to impress your film lover date next time. From Hepburn to Lanthimos, there’s a wide range of genres explored in this article and many, many more still out there waiting to be watched! Plus, if your date is amazed (there’s a 50/50 chance really, we are not liable for any emotional damages if they aren’t) there are many films being released this year that you can enjoy together (for example, the much-hyped Infinity War and Love, Simon are out this month!)

    Go forth and watch!

    By Grace

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