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5 Best Subtle and Sweet Sex Toys

  • 5 Best Subtle and Sweet Sex Toys

    With the summer months upon us, and whether you’ve got a holiday planned and want to bring along your vibrating friend, or want to spice up your CLiKD date, these are the best secret sex toys every London girl needs in her life.


    • Ella – Vibio

    Now, technology is the driving force between our social interactions. From finding love on a dating app, to keeping in touch with somebody across the other side of the world, is it possible to replicate experiences from a distance? Well, Vibio is making it so!

    Their app-controlled vibrator, Ella, will mark an end to aching wrists and awkward positions. It’s a subtle sex toy that can be worn comfortably between your legs for outside or inside play. The options are unlimited. Connect your partner to the app and let go of the reins. They can control the vibrations with a simple tap from anywhere.

    The best secret sex toy, Vibio's Ella, hands-free, application controlled

    Use this secret sex toy to maintain a long-distance relationship or spice up Netflix and chill. No longer will you need to keep your pleasure to yourself when you have Ella.

    Interested? Join them here to be a part of their testing team!


    • Palma – Unbound Babes

    Vibrator ring, subtle, very trendy

    Palma is a state-of-the-art vibrator ring. It’s a conversation starter and a stunning piece of jewellery. A secret, yet oh so out in the open. Unbound Babes believe that pleasure needs to be more visible to encourage positive sex journeys. This discreet sex toy is available in silver and gold for the fashion-forward girls out there. The ring features three speeds and two customisable modes that allow you to control the variation in vibration with your hand movements. Treating yourself has never been more practical.


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    • Vespa Vibrator Necklace – Crave

    Silver pendant subtle vibrator

    Sexy and stylish, this necklace doubles up as a 3.75-inch rechargeable vibrator. It even warms up for maximum pleasure. The necklace’s covert qualities keep it a secret between you and your partner, making you the ultimate tease. Its minimalist design allows you to wear it every day preparing you for any situation.


    • Biodegradable Eco Bullet – Gaia

    sweet and colourful vibrator, discreet

    For the über environmentally conscious gals out there, this colourful vibrator is for you. Its slim profile and tapered tip make it ultra-discreet, easily mistaken for lip gloss or a tampon. Created from a starch-based bioplastic called Biofeel, this bullet is biodegradable and recyclable. Pleasing yourself and pleasing the environment! Whenever you’re ready to move on from the Eco Bullet, simply pop it in your local recycling bin.


    • Secrets Remote Control Vibrating Knickers – Love Honey

    Love honey popular secret vibrator

    The ultimate date-night fun. Providing the ultimate thrill, wear these knickers out and let your partner take control, from off to on and through all the five levels of vibration via the remote control. This secret sex toy fits snug into lovely, soft lace knickers for the best feeling. The vibrator is perfectly shaped for a comfortable fit. Secrets’ vibrating knickers are a hidden fun factor for any occasion.


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    Vibrators no longer have to look like transformers. Self-pleasure can now be shared with somebody else for tantalising experiences through a hands-free app-controlled thrill to experience pleasure from anywhere. Or, these secret sex toys can be fashion-forward pieces of jewellery that spark conversation about feeling good. What’s to stop you from experiencing the next level of pleasure?

    Got a favourite? Is your choice of sex toys a match determiner? Create your own question!

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