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5 Creative Ideas For First Dates in London That Aren’t A Bar

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    Let’s face it – we’re all bored of the same old dull first dates in the same old bars. You’re not boring, so why should your dates be boring? You want something that will reflect your personality and offer a chance to get to know each other in an imaginative situation. You don’t want to just date anyone and you don’t want to just do anything while making that all important first impression. So, forget the usual overpriced drinks and pick one of these 5 creative ideas for first dates in London that aren’t a bar…

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    A Twist on a Dinner Date – Take a Couple’s Cooking Class

    Rather than passively sitting in a bar for first dates in London, why not combine learning new cooking skills with getting to know someone? For the same price as a couple of rounds of drinks, you can learn to make anything from cheese or chocolate, to dim sum or sushi. Then, finish the evening by enjoying the meal or snack you just made together- no need to debate where to go for dinner. Even if the date doesn’t work out, you will have learned something new and had an unusual experience. The wackier the class, the better.

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    Whether you’re a pro cook or can barely boil an egg, there’s a class out there that will make for a creative first date. There are plenty of classes geared towards couples, so you get a taste of working together as a team. Just pick a light hearted class that will challenge you both.

    Head to an Outdoor Cinema and Watch a Film Under the Stars

    Although sitting in a darkened cinema usually makes for a boring date, it’s hard to get to know someone when you can’t talk without getting glared at, an outdoor film screening is completely different. Not only do you get to take in the surroundings and see old favourite films in a new light, but it is a lot easier to talk without annoying the people around you. London has plenty of options for this throughout the year, in locations ranging from parks and scenic rooftops, to a boat cruising along the Thames through September.

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    Most outdoor cinemas show a mixture of nostalgic classics and fresh hits – go for the familiar or see something new. Add in views of the starry night sky, cosy blankets and champagne, then an outdoor cinema makes for a memorable first date.

    Be a Tourist for a Day

    Most Londoners rarely bother to see the sights around them, writing it off as too cheesy. Being a tourist for an afternoon can be a fun way to get to know someone, whilst getting to know parts of the city you might have overlooked. Head to a museum you’ve never set foot in, see a sight you’ve always ignored or enjoy a cheesy guided walking tour. Rather than sitting in a bar worrying about what to say next, take advantage of the opportunities for exploration that London offers.

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    For something a little more niche, consider a ghost walk, city cruise or bike ride. Just allow enough time for serendipitous exploring when you inevitably discover something new.

    Hear Some Spoken Word at a Poetry Reading

    Poetry readings offer a fun blend of creativity and raw emotion that ensures there won’t be any awkward silences between you and your date. Listening to some edgy spoken word is certainly not your typical, boring night out. Even if poetry isn’t usually your thing, attending a reading is an unpredictable twist on the usual bar date. Chill Pill, Tongue Fu and Rich Mix are three of the most popular, but you’ll find something in every part of London.

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    Or, take it one step further and opt for a poetry workshop as an unconventional first date. The social environment will take the pressure off and make for an enjoyable evening.

    Spend a Night at the Museum

    Why not get some culture and see artwork or artefacts in a new way as part of an unforgettable first date? For first dates in London, museums are perfect. Many museums and galleries stay open late on certain days, offering a unique chance to see them without the usual daytime crowds. The British Museum is open until 8.30pm on Fridays, with live performances and debates usually included. Or, enjoy a drink at the National Gallery bar before admiring the artwork until 9 pm on Fridays. If that’s not late enough, the Natural History Museum is open until 10.30pm the last Friday of every month, with live music complementing the vast collection.

    Museum day

    Whichever day of the week you chose for your date, there is bound to be somewhere interesting open late – take advantage of that.

    So, there you have it, 5 creative ideas for first dates in London that aren’t a bar, some new ideas to put the imagination and romance back into your dates. It can always be fun to venture outside your comfort zone or the norm, so don’t hesitate! Try it, after you’ve CLiKD with some potential mates who are as up for a change as you are.

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