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5 Gen Z Dating Terms You Never Really Understood

  • 5 Gen Z Dating Terms You Never Really Understood

    I’m sure that more and more, a lot of us are understanding less and less of what’s being said. That was confusing, wasn’t it? That’s how these ‘words’ made us feel! I am, of course, talking about slang! I still remember when I thought ‘bae’ was just people spelling ‘babe’ wrong… Now, however, there are even more terms coming up that meant nothing to me at first, till they were explained. Likely by a Gen Z-er. There are forever new dating terms that are coming up, but here are 5 Gen Z dating terms you never really understood…

    Being confused by Gen Z dating terms


    • Snacc

    Being a snacc is one of the Gen Z dating terms

    This Gen Z dating term has become pretty popular, especially on the internet. Essentially, it’s just a cute way to describe someone you find hot and are interested in getting to know a little better… In the bedroom (or wherever you fancy) if you catch my drift 😉 You can use the actual spelling ‘snack’ or ‘snacc’. You’ll likely see it a lot on Twitter, the official spot for shooting your shot, after all.


    • Curve

    To curve someone is one of the Gen Z dating terms

    Not the same as ghosting at all. In fact, we have a post all about whether curving is better than rejection, check it out here! Anyway, to curve someone is to just completely ignore when someone is being very blatant about their interest in you. Whether they’re trying to flirt or express their feelings and you just subtly sidestep it. For example, someone might say they fancy you and you respond with ‘LOL good night’, that’s a curve. A Gen Z dating term we should all be aware of.


    • HMU

    HMU means hit me up and is Gen Z slang

    This is a simple one, all things considered. It’s just an abbreviation that means Hit Me Up. Again, a popular one on Twitter. If you want someone to get in touch with you. It’s a Gen Z dating term that is pretty common with the f**boys, so you’ve been warned!

    • VSCO Girl

    VSCO girl is a very Gen Z term

    This is one of the Gen Z dating terms that I definitely needed explained to me in great detail. This is essentially another way of describing someone who is very basic, but a more ‘updated’ version. It’s a girl who uses the VSCO photo editing app and it’s also a fashion trend. They likely wear oversized sweatshirts, Vans and scrunchies. So, now you’ll know when you see one!


    • Yeet

    Yeet is an excited exclamation you'll hear from Gen Z

    This is not so much a dating term as just Gen Z slang. Yeet is either to throw something very fast or to show excitement. For dating, you’d hopefully hear it used as the latter.

    So, there you have it! 5 Gen Z dating terms you never really understood, explained! You’re welcome! Now, go forth with this new knowledge and make some friends 🙂

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