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5 Halloween Date Ideas That’ll Have You Saying “Hey, Boo!”

  • 5 Halloween Date Ideas That’ll Have You Saying “Hey, Boo!”

    Happy Halloween witches and ghouls! Now is the season of trick or treatin’ and we want to make sure that you’re all about gettin’ those treats 😉 Wondering how to get into the spirit of Halloween, but still keep it Spooktacular? (I know, I’m sorry, it had to be done!) well, we’re here for you. Here are 5 Halloween date ideas that’ll have you saying “Hey, boo!”

    Getting ready for halloween date ideas


    1. Escape Room/ Haunted House

    You know when’s a great time to be trapped in a room or being stalked in a haunted house? Halloween! Doesn’t it just scream romance? Anyone?! Oh well. Firstly, great way to see how they think under pressure. Secondly, you can see if they’re actually as bad ass as they’ve been leading you to believe. Will their high-pitched screams be endearing or will they barely break a sweat, freaking you out even more?

    Trying to figure out if they're actually scared as a halloween date idea

    The mystery! The perfect Halloween date idea to find out what they’re really made of… enter at your own peril!


    1. Pumpkin Carving Movie Night

    Think Netflix and Chill, but with a twist. As a prelude to your horror movie marathon, why not try your hand at pumpkin carving? You’ll either be an old hat at it from your childhood, or you’ll be a novice and there’ll be a ton of flirty teachings going on. After you add some candles to your creations (maybe even getting a little competitive with design) you can spread them around the place to set the scene.

    Carving pumpkins before a horror movie marathon as a halloween date idea

    Then, it’s all about your movie list. Do you want to go psychological thriller, based on a true, disturbing story or straight gore? Either way, you’ll soon find yourselves huddled together, forgetting all about your laptop… all the great signs of a Halloween date.


    1. House Party

    Who doesn’t love a good house party?! Halloween is the best time for them. All those draaanks, also seating and easy access to empty (for now) bedrooms?! Yes! Depending on how far into things you and your date are, you can even go matchy matchy. Are you Superman and Louis Lane types or maybe you want to keep it very current culture with a Kylie and Travis Scott Met Gala tribute? There’s always the classic Morticia and Gomez Addams.

    It’s also a great time to see how they mesh with your group of friends in a relatively chill environment. Win -win, amirite?

    1. Halloween Themed Amusement Park Nights

    Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights. An undisputed classic. They’re not the only theme park to get into all things Halloween. There’s also Chessington and Alton Towers to name a few. If you’re looking to combine the thrill of horror with rollercoasters, then this is the Halloween date idea for you! They tend to include everything you can think of from mazes to haunted houses. Perfect excuse to hold your date close.

    There also a perfect way to escape adulting for a bit. Recapture your youths together at any of these places and balance out the horrors with a ton of candy 🙂


    1. Halloween Themed Class

    Whether it’s a cocktail class or cake decorating (highly recommend it) there are a ton of Halloween themed classes that would be perfect for a date. If you’re looking to do something a little more lowkey where you may or may not learn a new skill, this is a great Halloween date idea. You can bond over whatever you choose to do and also enjoy the fruits of your labour, bringing you closer together.

    Cake decorating class as a halloween date idea

    If you’re lucky, there are some classes that offer 2 for 1 deals, so you can simultaneously not break the bank. Sounds like my kinda ‘holiday’!

    Hell yeah! Love halloween date ideas

    So, there you have it! 5 Halloween date ideas that’ll have your date saying “Hey, boo!” If you’re still looking for someone to get your creep on with, then CLiKD is here! You can even use the app’s 3 question test to filter out if they’re into Halloween and getting all dressed up. You’re welcome!

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