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5 Millennial Dating Trends You Never Knew Were A Thing

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    All of you fellow millennials out there have probably heard of at least 3/5 of these new ‘trends’/ terms on the dating scene and 99.98% of you have had these things happen to you, knowingly or unknowingly! 

    We will begin with the millennial dating trends you guys have probably heard of and gradually break y’all into the ones that you’re unaware of. 


    Sliding Into The DMs 

    Aite… So… Pretty sure all you f***boys out there have slid into a couple of hotties and thotties’ DMs. One of my favourite DMs I’ve received in the past was this: 

    YYD Screenshot

    Worse ones have been and gone through my DMs and I’m sure you girls out there have had enough of it, BUT… saying all this… I’m sure we have also slid into DMs ourselves. From pre-ing the profile of that cute guy in your Monday lectures, to the man who’s always at the gym at the same time as you are… 



    We all hate this, BUT have all done it. One of the most common millennial dating trends… It’s not just gradually cutting someone out. It’s cutting them out WITHOUT WARNING. 

    Yes, it’s a horrible thing to do – but sometimes, it just has to be done. It’s the quickest and easiest way to make sure you don’t catch feels or waste unnecessary time with a wasteman. 

    MY FEELS!!

    It feels even worse when you are on the receiving side of things (you are the one being ghosted). 

    You are left there wondering, “What did I do wrong? What did I say?” “We had a good thing going…

    The remedy to get over being ghosted is to remember that they weren’t worth your time in the first place and you’re a boss ass b****! So, you’re gonna carry on with your life like a boss b**** would. 


    Cuffing Season 

    So, cuffing season is coming up soon! As the hoe activities of Summer come to an end and the cold months of winter settle in – the hoe within you will go into hibernation as the wifey material takes over. 

    The cold and the snow can make everyone feel a bit lonely without a bae to spoon. Even those who prefer to stay single and live the hoe life. 


    Orbiting and Haunting 

    Orbiting and haunting relates to ghosting. It’s where the person who has ghosted you continues to like your Insta photos or watch your stories on Snapchat. Both words can be used interchangeably, but sometimes haunting means the person who has ghosted you tries to hit you up again and comes back into your life. 

    boy bye

    Who knows why some people do these things? Maybe in this day and age, even a simple quick text is a chore? 



    We have all heard of the whole ‘Sugar Baby’ phase all Twitter girls seem to be going through at the moment. Sneating is a little bit more subtle and sneaky. It’s where girls would go on dates with guys just for the free food. Sometimes ordering the most expensive thing on the menu along with several overpriced bevvies. It’s easier to do than finding a decent sugar daddy (who doesn’t want sugar in return) and you could end up trying out every restaurant in London for free! 

    He said,

    Okay… It’s definitely not nice to lead someone on just to get a free meal. But when student debts are high – what’s a girl to do?

    So, to conclude, all these urban slang terms may be new or millennial dating trends… The practices themselves have been around for centuries e.g. Sliding into DMs was sending a romantic love letter. Don’t get too caught up with all the slang, it’s all the same sh*t, just with a different name slapped on it.

    By YYD

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