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5 New 2020 Dating Terms You’ll Be Hearing About A Lot

  • 5 New 2020 Dating Terms You’ll Be Hearing About A Lot

    You know we had to do it again. New year, new decade! How else would we celebrate? If there is one thing that will come with each year, it’s new dating trends. There are so many trends that no one has had a name for and now, there’s a name for anything and everything that may have happened to you in your dating life. Maybe you’ve even come across the following 5 new 2020 dating terms you’ll be hearing about a lot. If you have, let us know! Now, without further ado, let’s get stuck in…


    • Cause-playing

    This 2020 dating term is on the rise, so you may have already encountered this one. So, let us set the scene for you. You’re minding your business, then you get a message from someone you dated/whatever you were doing that had no label (no judgements!) You wonder, is this your standard ‘u up?’ message, but no. This message has a different tone…

    Come join us! She said, cause-playing (one of the 2020 dating terms)

    This message is about supporting a cause close to them. Did they ever mention it when you were together… Anyhow, they want you to either donate to the cause or come to the fundraising event? Either way, what you’ve just experienced is called cause-playing. You’re not alone in that one!


    • Fleabagging

    Ah, who among us doesn’t miss Phoebe Waller-Bridge gracing our screens as the delightfully messy Fleabag? 100% would love a season 3! Aside from just being stellar television, our fair Fleabag has inspired one of the biggest 2020 dating terms… It is, of course, called Fleabagging. “What is it?” I hear you ask, well sit back and prepare for us to break the fourth wall to explain!

    Fleabagging, one of the 2020 dating terms based on the TV show Fleabag

    Fleabagging is pretty simple. It’s when you’re constantly dating people that are all wrong for you. Like, your hot priest for example. Just putting that one out there. Pretty sure a lot of us can relate to that… the dating the wrong person, not the hot priest…


    • Obligaswiping

    Now, this 2020 dating term sounds like an odd one, but trust us. When we’re done telling you what it is, most of you will be gasping ‘Oh my God, why is this me?!’ Intrigued now, aren’t you? I’m sure we’re all aware of dating apps and how they’ve hugely transformed how we meet people. Whether that’s a positive or negative truly depends on the day and person. However, I’m sure many of you have been in that weird limbo of kind of using apps, but not really being fully invested.

    Obligaswiping is one of the biggest 2020 dating terms

    That is called Obligaswiping. You’re just swiping for the sake of it without actually putting any work to push things forward. Sure, you’ll chat with a few people, maybe send a flirty text or two, but your heart is not really in it. This is your way of telling yourself that you are trying and putting yourself out there. We know the feeling.

    • Rossing

    Two words. Ross. Geller. When you were younger (if you were a Friendsfan) you probably shipped Ross and Rachel pretty hard. As an adult, you’ve probably re-watched all the episodes (thank you Netflix) and now feel that Rachel shouldn’t have gotten off the plane. Plus, she damn sure shouldn’t have gone back to Ross after their ‘break’. This 2020 dating term is for Mr Ross Geller…

    Ross-ing is another of the 2020 dating terms that came from a TV show

    This dating term describes when you’re dating someone, but it’s not official (as of yet, you hope) and they end up starting to see someone else, because it hasn’t been clear what the terms of your arrangement are, in terms of exclusivity. Of course, if you’re unsure, probably best to find a way to ask, amirite?!


    • Typecasting

    If you’re someone who uses, or has used, dating apps a fair bit, you’ve probably come across a ton of ‘INTJ’, ‘ENFJ’ and ‘ISTP’ or a ton of those kinds of letter combinations in their bios. Those are the results of people’s personality tests, the Myers-Briggs test to be exact. Along with that, you may also see people stating their star signs or their love language (words of affirmation and physical touch to name a few.) To some, this information is important.

    If you'll only date someone who's star sign is compatible with yours, you're typecasting (one of the 2020 dating terms)

    In fact, if you find yourself picking and choosing who you date based on this information and whether that makes you compatible, you have been indulging in the 2020 dating term of typecasting. It might be working for you or you might be isolating yourself more, who knows! Gotta love the 2020 dating terms, huh?

    Now you know the 2020 dating terms, you can call out the bad behaviour

    So, there you have it! 5 new 2020 dating terms you’ll be hearing about a lot. Now that you know their names, you can pinpoint that behaviour and call people out if they’re not being respectful. You’re welcome!

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