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5 NEW Dating Terms Because There Are Always More…

  • 5 Other Dating Terms Because There Are Always More

    We all know that we’re always learning. About ourselves, the way we think, behave and what our feelings are truly trying to tell us. One thing we’ll probably continue to learn? Dating terms to describe the behaviours we engage in when trying to find our perfect match, or the one… for a short time. So, we’ve already introduced you to some new terms earlier this year, let’s follow up with our next ted talk. Here are 5 other dating terms because there are always more…

    • Bird Boxing

    If you’ve seen Bird Box, the Netflix original starring Sandra Bullock, you’ll be able to guess where this is going. If not, just know everyone has to be blindfolded to survive. It inspired the viral Bird Box challenge (avoid that one) and now a dating term.

    Bird boxing, the new dating trend
    Basically it means when you’re so blind to how not worth it the person you’re currently dating/seeing is. Think of that saying about seeing through rose tinted glasses, but taken up a notch, for cultural references’ sake. It’ll begin simplify enough, but soon their behaviour will escalate to the point where everyone will be wondering how you haven’t noticed your current flame just… kinda sucks.

    • Prowling

    Simple enough, if you’re prowling you’re on the hunt purely for the sake of hunting. It’s all about enjoying the chase, not the catch. For some, once the chase is over so is the excitement. Then they’re out of there before you can even say ‘so glad we’re official now’.

    Prowling, when you're into it only for the chase

    This is by no means a new dating trend. I’m sure we can all agree that either being chased or chasing someone can be exhilarating. However, can’t hurt to ask yourself why you like it. If it’s purely for the chase, the other person might not be on the same page. If that’s the case, there are plenty of people who want something real and lasting. You’ll cross paths soon enough.

    • R-bombing

    Honestly didn’t know there was a name for this… but I know we’ve all been guilty of it, not just me! When you read someone’s message but don’t reply, turns out that’s called r-bombing.

    R-bombing the trend in dating where they leave you on read
    Not to be confused with ghosting because you may still hear from them again, they just won’t answer messages that aren’t of interest to them. Cold? Absolutely, but some messages (like one-word answers) don’t really warrant a response. They’ll have excuses for not responding, but is anyone truly that bad with their phone anymore? We’re all on them all the time! If that’s their excuse, maybe they don’t deem your messages as important and that’s just rude. Don’t take that!

    • Throning

    As someone who doesn’t watch GoT (I can only apologise for my lack of interest in a show about that much incest…) this dating trend was new to me. Throning is pretty much what it sounds like, dating someone for status.

    Throning, the dating term inspired by GoT

    Typically, you’d go for someone who’s status can raise your profile. That way, their perks become yours. I can’t say that I can see that as a good reason to date someone, but attraction can take many forms. Some people are into being pursued purely for their power, so maybe it works if everyone is open about it…?

    • Shave Ducking

    Last, but by no means least, my favourite on the list! Ladies, you’ll be aware of the type of guy who complains that they like a natural look, but when you don’t wear makeup, asks if you’re ill. Or complains that makeup is a lie told to men. Well, beards are essential the male equivalent of make-up. So, I present to you shave ducking.

    Shave ducking, the dating term about beards

    This dating trend is when you’re just attracted to someone purely for their beard, not their face. So, when they shave, you’re definitely not here for it, so you duck. Some people are purely into men with facial hair. Is that a bad thing? Who knows. You do you, I guess.

    So, there you have it. 5 other dating terms because there are always more. Are you guilty of any of them? Don’t worry, we won’t judge…

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