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5 Perks Of The Summer Single Life

  • 5 Perks Of The Summer Single Life

    “Summertiiiime, and the living is eaaaasy”. Yes, it very much can be. With #hotgirlsummer trending and more sunny days than we’d bargained for (not going to get into the global warming aspect of it right now) now could be the time to embrace single life more than ever. It’s hot, you’re hot (probably, own it guys!) So, here are 5 perks of the summer single life…


    • It’s easier to meet people

    Let’s be honest. The perpetual cold of the UK leaves most of us in an awful mood most of the time. That mood is set to erupt at any time if someone tries to (gasp) talk to you when you’re freezing. However, with summer comes sunshine and longer, chill days. Which means a ton more chill people.

    Relaxed people you can meet during your summer single life

    Everyone’s out and about, admiring the view, which could include you! It’s the perfect time to get out there and meet people who can enhance your summer single life. Added bonus, the weather means you have more options of places to go. Your favourite seasonal haunts are finally open, so the potential is limitless.


    • You can have as many (or few) summer flings as you want

    The best thing about single life? Not having to answer to anyone. You’re free to explore (or not) to your heart’s content. If you decide you want a quiet summer, go for it. If you decide you want to live out a new summer romance every week, do it!

    Summer romance is ideal for single life

    The great thing about summer is that they’ll be all sorts of people you might not cross paths with the rest of the year. Whether that’s through you travelling or people just being in town for a few weeks. As long as everyone is on the same page, why not right?


    • You can make spontaneous plans and avoid FOMO

    Single life means you can live more in the moment this summer. If you decide you want to up and fly to Greece for a long weekend, there’s no partner to check with or worry about offending if you want to go on your own. If your friends are up for a road trip, they’ll be no worries of a partner essentially third wheeling.

    Single life means spontaneous road trips

    It just means you can live a little selfishly, if you want. It’s good for the soul to just think about what you enjoy and what you want to do once in a while. Now’s the perfect time to indulge in some hedonistic fun!


    • Wedding Season = Single’s Playground

    Ok, hear me out! Wedding season can be a nightmare, especially if you’re fully embroiled in your single life. It can, very quickly, descend into you being cornered by all the coupled up folk demanding to know what you’re doing wrong. “WHY are you single?!”, “So, WHEN are you gonna settle down?!” Blah blah blah, mind your own business, aunt of the bride I met 10 mins ago! However, what if we took a more Wedding Crashers approach to it all?

    Wedding season is the single's playground

    Yeah, not so much the turning up uninvited, more the embracing your singleness and turning wedding season into your own playground. You’re unlikely to be the only one single at any given wedding. Make the most of it, you know what I mean 😉


    • No sharing a bed in this heat

    Lastly and possibly the best on the list, not sharing a bed. In this heat, the last thing you want is to be cuddled every night. You want the freedom to play like a starfish and pray for your fan to bring your body temperature down a little.

    Being single means sleeping alone and not dying of heat

    If you do have someone who wants to stay over, you can probably (politely) kick them out after, so you can have multiple choices when choosing the part of the bed that’s coolest. Single life does mean you don’t really owe anyone anything, but honesty and respect. Bear that in mind on your summer endeavors.

    Being single still means you treat everyone with respect

    So, there you have it. 5 perks of the summer single life. If there’s one thing that has become clear, it’s that this modern age of dating we’re in offers all of us a ton of options. Possibly too many, but summer is the perfect excuse to take advantage of that. As a wise man who goes by the name of Childish Gambino once said; “You can feel it in the streets, on a day like this, that heat, it feel like summer. I feel like summer” So, go embrace single life and feel like summer 😉

    Jordan Enaboifo

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