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5 Quarantine Flirting Tips To Keep Your Chats Interesting

  • 5 Quarantine Flirting Tips To Keep Your Chats Interesting

    We’re now in week (are we still measuring time in weeks and days?!) whatever of lockdown and I’m sure, by now, we’re all suffering a little bit from weaker chat. Now, now. It’s not your fault. Under normal circumstances, I’m sure your chat is super smooth, but this is no normal time. Sure, we’re having longer chats on dating apps, but we’re either letting them fizzle out or just responding out of habit. Neither are that great an option, right? So, here are 5 quarantine flirting tips to keep your chats interesting…

    When you use these quarantine flirting tips


    • If a topic is not going anywhere, move on

    It’s important to know when a topic is dead or not. You might find that you had a lot of good back and forth at first. However, not every topic is a winner for whatever reason. Sometimes, you’ll find that there’s not much to be said about it. Our quarantine flirting tip is to just change the subject, if that’s the case.

    when the quarantine flirting tips helps you move on to a new topic

    Sure, it’s easy to take it as them not being able to hold a conversation. Better to check though before you write them off completely. Maybe they just have nothing to say about baking banana bread. Try and find topics that can work for you both.


    • Don’t be afraid to ask deep questions

    Yes, banter is great. Who doesn’t love banter, especially if they can keep up? Deep questions can be flirty too though. You’re still getting to know them after all and their answers could lead to some fun. If you want your chat to go beyond flirting at some point, our quarantine flirting tip is to not be afraid to get deeper.

    Our quarantine flirting tip? Ask deeper questions

    It’s also a nice way to have some balance. It’s important to know that you can have both. The flirting and the substance. If that’s what you’re interested in anyway. Plus, we all have the time to ask and really hear the answers, you know?


    • Play some games (not the usual dating mind games)

    Now is not the time to mind f**k, however some games that you can play together is perfect. Encouraged even. Since we can’t go out on fun dates (for now) games are a great substitute.

    Playing games together is a great quarantine flirting tip

    You can also take the piss out of each other, if one of them makes a wrong move in the game or even add your own fun touches to the game. Our quarantine flirting tip? Pick some games that can be easily adapted for the two of you.

    • No need to sext every night or it’ll get boring

    I know. Shocker. However, it is possible. Also, who has the imagination or energy to come up with responses to sexts every night. Especially when you won’t get to play them out any time soon? This quarantine flirting tip will keep things interesting for sure.

    Sexting, but not everyday is one of the best quarantine flirting tips

    For one thing, it’s something to look forward to. On the other hand, it doesn’t start to feel like an obligation. Sometimes, you might just not be in the mood (still possible, despite the horniness of the nation.)

    • Phone sex or exchanging nudes is great, but only if you’re both comfortable

    Last, but not least. We all know that video calls have grown enormously in popularity since lockdown (check out our video date ideas post here.) There are also other ways to keep things sexy and intimate. Phone sex for one. If you’re comfortable with some dirty talk and flirting, for example.

    Phone sex if you're comfortable is a great quarantine flirting tip

    There’s also exchanging nudes. Again, this is only if you feel comfortable and have both consented. We’re not saying you have to be full frontal or anything. It can definitely be done tastefully, without really showing anything and just being a bit of a tease. Our advice? Don’t be pressured into it and maybe try and keep your face out of it, if you do decide to go ahead.

    Sending nudes if you're comfortable is another good quarantine flirting tip

    So, there you have it! 5 quarantine flirting tips to keep your chats interesting. We know it’s a struggle and obviously if you actually don’t want to talk to them anymore for whatever reason, don’t force yourself to. However, if you feel like there might be something there with your match and you want to keep it going, these tips could help! Good luck daters šŸ˜‰

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