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5 Reasons He Left Me On Read

  • 5 Reasons Why He Left You On Read

    Ladies, raise your hand if you’ve been chatting/seeing someone and then all of a sudden, the conversation goes dead. They just stopped responding. You think to yourself, maybe they haven’t seen the message yet… that’s fine. Then, you do what we’ve all done as the time ticks by. You check your chat history. There, in bright blue, is what you feared. The two ticks that let you know that they read your message. You might even take it further and click the message to see when they read it (always makes it slightly worse). Then, the doubts creep in. Did you say something wrong? Should you double text?! Why has he left me on read and not said anything?! Well, we have some answers for you, here are 5 reasons why he left you on read…

    5 reasons why he left you on read


    1. He’s afraid to open up

    A classic response (and reason) we’ve all heard being used. The fear of putting oneself in a situation where they might be vulnerable and can get hurt can cause a multitude of reactions. One of the main ones is pulling away. This could come down to past experiences or them just realising they’re not ready to date at all.

    Being afraid of getting hurt could be a reason why he left you on read

    This a tough one because you won’t really know what is happening/ how he’s feeling without him opening up. We’re not mind readers after all. The decision to open up has to come from him, it can’t be forced. So, this could very well be why he left you on read.


    1. He genuinely got busy and just forgot

    This is an annoying one, because haven’t we all got distracted mid text and forgotten to respond? I know I do it all the time, especially if I’m at work, regardless of who I’m talking to. However, him saying he just forgot and that being the reason why he left on read can feel hard to believe.

    he left me on read because he forgot

    It can still lead to you feel suspicious and wonder what, exactly, he was distracted by. Was it really work or is he seeing someone else? Are you even at a place where you can question him still seeing other people? Either way, trust in what the two of you have had. If he hasn’t given you any reason to doubt him, maybe just see how things go?


    1. Things are getting too serious for him

    As one of the reasons why he left you on read, this might be one that’s pretty common. Whether that’s down to lack of communication or being led on. Maybe they just don’t want the same thing as you. They could’ve decided it was more of a one-night stand or just felt that things between the two of you have run their course.

    Left you on read because it got serious

    Would it be easier for them to say as much? Yes, but you’ll find in modern day dating that a lot of people (not just limited to men here) prefer the path of least resistance in the early days. If it’s only been a few dates, a number of people feel like no explanation is owed, especially if there have been no labels.


    1. He’s just bad at texting

    Yes, I know this one seems like a complete cop-out! However, it can be true (it can also be an excuse used to explain away bad behaviour, but that’s up to you to decide if that’s the case with your situation.) Firstly, some people genuinely don’t like using their phones a lot. They prefer face to face and just being out in the world (as we should all do more of!)

    He's just bad at texting

    Secondly, some people really aren’t tech savvy at all. Yes, we live in the most technological time of our history, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. I know it’s just a text, but not everyone actually enjoys it. That could be the reason why he left you on read.


    1. He just not interested and thinks this is easier

    Last, but by no means least. The old adage… he’s just not that into you. Does it suck? Of course, it does! Again, it would be easier for him to be honest about where his head is at. However, that could lead to long, awkward (in his mind) conversations about feelings and he’s already established with himself that he doesn’t have any for you.

    He's just not interested

    To him, that’s enough and his silence will speak for him, so that is why he left you on read. To be honest, it’s one of the main reasons that men have said they ghost, to avoid an awkward chat about not being interested. Let’s be honest though. No one wants to be with someone who isn’t mature enough to have such a chat, so they really did you a favour!

    no good reason to leave you on read - bye boy

    So, there you have it! 5 answers to the question – why has he left me on read? How you respond to it is down to you. Sometimes, it’s easy to jump the gun and they’ll actually end up responding a little later on their own. Other times, double texting works and things continue like before. Then there are the times where it at least leads to some closure for you. Either way, if it’s behaviour you don’t like, let them know and set a precedent! You got this, ladies!