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5 Important Reasons Why Women Should Make The First Move!

  • 5 Important Reasons Why Women Should Make The First Move!

    The majority of us have been raised on the notion that men should be the ones to make the first move. Why is this the case, though? We have become accustomed to this common dating convention through a lifetime of movies and TV shows. A question which needs to be raised, however, is whether this is, in fact, an outdated way of thinking?

    Whether it be at a bar, club or in general day to day life, guys are expected to take this first vital step. Given the huge strides taken in tackling gender inequality, not only should this idea perhaps have been outgrown by 2018, an equal playing field for this aspect is arguably a must.

    A relationship is a two-way street and should require equal effort from both sides. Yet, how can this be the case when, at the very first moment of contact, the guys are the ones who have to take the first small leap of faith, and make that vital first move?

    Take a look at the 5 interesting points below. They detail how making the first move exhibits a confident and proactive stance, which can result in a range of benefits!

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    1. They will appreciate the confidence!

    The fact of the matter is, most of these shy men will be grateful that a woman has decided to challenge the norms and take an interest in them. Many of these guys may even want to do the same and lack the confidence to actually go through with it. That’s where you step in ladies! “Should a girl make the first move?” Hell yeah!!

    empowered man showing confidence

    2. It will get you out of your comfort zone!

    How many times have you made eye contact with another guy, experienced the mutual attraction and nothing has come of it? It’s much too simple to take the easy way out and assume your dazzling beauty alone will compel him to initiate conversation or make that first move. If you find him attractive, then why not just go for it? The best-case scenario will always outweigh the worst!

    heman confident saying I have the power

    3. The worst that can happen is they say no.

    Given that men will likely be impressed with the forward approach in making the first move, they aren’t going to react negatively to an advance if they’re already taken. Let’s face it, rejection is a pretty unlikely scenario anyway. After all, that first move oozes confidence!

    funny sloth saying how about no

    4. You could be missing out on the shy stunners!

    How often is it that you actually stumble across the shy, strong type who ticks all the right boxes? Given the traits associated with those of a shyer nature, they could be just out of reach. They could be meters away on the tube, queuing behind you in the coffee shop, they sure as hell aren’t gonna make the first move, so why not you?

    shy and happy attractive man

    5. If they are your type… shy men are also known to be better listeners! (This could also cause improvements in the bedroom too ?)

    By abiding by the men making the first move rule, you could be missing out on a whole different group of men. Although some women may prefer a man who takes control, a man who can fully appreciate their wants and needs is a rarity. The most direct way to achieve this goal is to simply listen to what SHE wants. No one knows this better than herself! Instead of achieving that glazed look as soon as the topic of emotions or feelings comes about, a shy guy is more likely to embrace it. This, in turn, can lead to a stronger and more healthy relationship.

    annoyed woman saying you better listen

    Bearing all this in mind, what is really stopping you from stepping that little bit out of your comfort zone?

    My advice? Get out there, give it a try! Speak to the attractive guy on the tube, or at the bus stop. Even if he’s just passing by on the street! Soak up the rewards of increased confidence, potential dates and, if all goes well, a future relationship.

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